One of the biggest mistakes that we make in real estate is failing to negotiate properly. At times, the buyer is too rigid or stubborn or the seller is too friendly or persuaded by the buyer easily.

It’s best to develop and improve your negotiation skills before trying to sell your horse property to avoid losing your precious time and hard-earned money in the long run.

The majority of horse properties are not sold for the asking price because interested buyers will always offer a price that he or she wants to seek leverage. You’ll also have to seek leverage to get the price that you want.

If you are in a hurry to sell your property, the buyer can use it against you easily. Therefore, it’s always important not to appear desperate in front of your buyers. Buyers can smell desperation a mile away and use it against you.

This means that you need to plan and prepare adequately before you start contacting buyers. In general, the person who is most prepared wins. The selling process is not as complex as you think. You only need to learn how to play the hardball while being reasonable, transparent and fair.

When you develop and improve your negotiation skills, you’ll sell your property like a pro and everyone will be happy in the end. Today, we are going to discuss the top eleven negotiation skills that will help you sell your horse property faster. Let’s get started!

Take charge of the negotiations

As a horse property seller, it’s not easy to sell such an expensive property. However, you can always keep things under control by keeping personal information to yourself while negotiating. To start, don’t ever think of or consider mentioning your deadline in front of your buyers otherwise you’ll get hurt.

Don’t tell your buyer that you are getting a divorce, moving out of the country or going for a tour. When you keep such sensitive information to yourself, you don’t give your buyer unnecessary leverage. You’ll not lose control during the negotiation and this will give you an upper hand.

Practice Silence

Some of the most successful negotiators today accurately predict that the outcome of a negotiation is based on a simple clue that says, “whoever has difficulty enduring silence has less compared to a brave person.

Additionally, silence signifies maturity and respect. You cannot keep speaking the whole time and keeping our clients focused on us when we should be focused on the property. Silence ultimately shows who has more self-control.

Being silent is very helpful especially when the buyer starts throwing in ridiculous payments and terms of purchase. By being silent, you’ll get the time to analyze any challenges or unjust choices that you took.

While silence works most of the time, it’s not a tool to be used in every situation. When the buyer is respectful and behaves fairly, being silent can be perceived to be rude or disrespectful.

Work together with the bank

The majority of sellers can greatly reduce the pressure from potential buyers by working with the bank. If you want to sell your horse property faster because you are behind on mortgage payments and you can’t afford what you are paying right now, you can try negotiating with your bank to give extra time.

Remember, banks are interested in money and nothing else. Therefore, if you visit them with a plan that will help them get their money quickly, they’ll help you too by offering an extension or delaying your payments on interest until the house is sold.

Eliminating this pressure will be extremely helpful while trying to sell your property.

Let the property speak for itself

The most important thing that you should keep in mind while selling your horse property is that improvements and renovations will make it more appealing. However, once you’ve shown the buyer how your property looks, you can’t convince the buyer to like it.

People make buying decisions based on their emotions. Therefore, if your home does not create an emotional connection with your buyer, you won’t have power and control over the negotiations.

Instead of commenting and asking questions to potential buyers while walking through, be silent and let the property speak for itself. The only time you should talk is when your buyer asks a question.

If you think you can’t handle the buyers, you can let your agent take care of everything. By letting the property speak for itself, you’ll enable buyers to connect with it on an emotional level without trying too hard or coming across as needy and desperate.

Create a bidding war

A bidding war is one of the best things that can happen to the owner of the property. A bidding war essentially means that several buyers are so interested in your property that they are willing to work up the price. After several bids, the price can go beyond your asking price.

Creating a bidding war is not the easiest thing to do. However, the majority of sellers have managed to do it successfully by refusing to negotiate until a specified date. When other buyers realize that someone else has made a higher offer, they’ll work up the price.

You should be careful when creating a bidding war. This is especially important if the real estate market is not performing well in your area. Or you’ve been struggling to get any offers. The last thing you want to happen is to lose all potential buyers. Use what you have at the moment to get as much as you can from the buyer.


Etiquette revolves around addressing your buyers with respect, being enthusiastic while showing them your property and answering their questions and managing your time effectively. Being punctual signifies that you value your buyer.


Become an effective listener. A potential buyer might be concerned about something in your property. And that could hinder him or her from buying. However, when you listen attentively while taking notes, you’ll reply to all of his or her concerns and you’ll sell the property easily. Listening will also help you during the renovating process since you’ll understand what buyers want.

Learn a new language

Understanding the language and culture of your potential buyer will help you communicate and negotiate effectively. By failing to understand the culture of your buyer, you might end up offending instead of impressing and getting offers.

Communicate clearly

No buyer wants to deal with a vague seller. Remember, buying a property means that the buyer is going to invest a lot of precious time and money. Therefore, they’ll require clear information about the property. When you fail to communicate clearly, the buyer will start doubting you and he or she won’t buy.

Be confident

While selling your property, do not start thinking about the money you’ll get or how a great negotiator you are. When you start thinking in this manner, you’ll lose out in the end because you’ll be arrogant. Showing confidence involves communicating with the buyer and showing him or her that you know what you are doing.


You should always be prepared for negotiations to avoid making expensive financial mistakes. While preparing, look at how the real estate market in your area is performing and most importantly, renovate your home. You’ll be surprised how paining and repairing the stables will help you sell the property fast. Finally, don’t hesitate to seek help.


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