Welcome, all equestrian property owners! You have probably heard about all the reasons why selling your equestrian property might a good idea – earn some money, invest in something you need more, buy a horse ranch somewhere else, etc. So, if you entered this title looking for a piece of advice on selling your equestrian property in the easiest, fastest, and generally the best possible manner, well, you are in the wrong place. Today, we will not be focusing on how to start the process of selling and what to do to make this a stress-free experience. Today, we will focus on different ways to keep your equestrian property from selling for one reason or another. Thus, if this is something that may interest you, keep on reading for some helpful tips and tricks.

Be Pricy!

If you are in a hurry to move, and your evolutionmovingdfw.com movers have already started packing your items, the most logical thing you would do to sell your property faster is to offer a cheaper price. That would attract many customers and get the process started much sooner. However, if you want to keep your equestrian property from selling, you should do the opposite, that is, you should offer a price that is extreme. Trust us, a property, equestrian or not, that is overpriced, simply won’t sell. By doing this, you will push away all the potential buyers, you will keep your property on the market for much longer, and the people around you will get suspicious about why the property hasn’t sold yet. You may have some interested buyers, but if your property and its condition do not match the standard and the price, they too will be gone soon.

Do Not Prepare Your Property for Showings

Another thing you can do to keep your equestrian property from selling is to not prepare it for showings. Yes, equestrian properties, just like any others, have so-called open houses. This is when all the potential buyers come to your property and examine it thoroughly. They all expect the property to be neat, tidy, and well-prepared for showing. So, if you leave dishes in the sink, if you do not vacuum your living room, and if the entire home smells like a wet dog, believe us, you will push away all the potential buyers, and once again, your home will be on the market for much longer. An even bigger ‘bonus’ would be displaying all your personal items out in the open – it is one of those things no buyer likes. The same applies to the exterior of your home and the entire equestrian property – if you avoid even those small, low-budget outdoor improvements for the horse properties, it will not sell.

Selling an equestrian property is just like selling a horse – if it is not presented well, it will not sell. Alt.tag: Horses.

Hire an Unskilled Real Estate Agent

When people get caught in the process of relocating, they try to cut corners wherever they can. Sometimes it can be using DIY packing materials, sometimes it is moving alone, that is, without professional help, and sometimes, it is hiring an unskilled real estate agent. Those agents are cheaper, but for a good reason. Being unskilled means having less experience. And, having less experience means having difficulty selling the property. There you go! If you want to postpone selling your property – hire an agent who does not know what he or she is doing. Or, hire a city agent, for example. City real estate agents, although skilled, will also have difficulties selling an equestrian property, simply because they do not know the market well, nor do they know how to attract the right kind of buyers.

Try to Sell It by Yourself

Similar to the previous tip, if you want to keep you equestrian property from selling, try to sell it all by yourself. Many people do it because they think that they will save some money. But, we would be lying if we said that properties do not sell like this – they do. However, those situations are rare. Moreover, they can be compared to winning the lottery. If you want to postpone selling your equestrian property, simply put an ‘On Sale’ sign in front of your gate. What will happen then? Well, nothing. Since equestrian properties are usually secluded, nobody will even see your sign. And, if you consider posting the best horse property ad ever in your local newspaper or on some of your social media accounts, you will probably end up with tons of phone calls. This is not a way to sell an equestrian property. For that, you need to advertise it on real estate sites! You need to present all the important specifications of your property and only the real buyers will be the ones calling you.

Talk to People Who Have Been in the Same Position

The last but certainly not the least way to keep your equestrian property from selling is by simply asking around. It sounds pretty straightforward, still, people overlook this. So, whether you want to sell your equestrian property faster, or do the opposite, that is, keep it from selling, openly ask the people around you how they did it. Contact equestrian property owners and equestrian real estate agents. Ask them for advice. If this is not possible for some reason, do not worry. Just go online and do your own research. Read different blogs, read comment sections, etc. Do not underestimate the power of the Internet – there you can find the answer to any question you may have.

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