Equestrian is a horseback riding sport greatly known and arising by the National College Athletic Association in the US. Being popular has resulted in colleges and universities increment scholarships for the young equestrians who are passionate about it and have great skills.

Are you interested in an equestrian scholarship? Different great institutions offer a list that you can inquire about and decide on the programs that suit you best. With the help of how to go about it, below is a list of equestrian colleges and universities scholarships for you to decide.

Colleges and Universities with Equestrian Scholarships

Even though not all top colleges and universities in the NCAA compete , the following universities and colleges offer strong equestrian programs.

  1. a) There is a provision of exceptional programs and shows teams for an equine scholarship by the Black Hawk College in Illinois.
  2. b) Knox School in New York offers scholarships to students who participate in their first year riding competition based on community work, academic participation, and extra-curricular participation.

You can inquire more about a specific college or university you are interested in that is missing in the list above. You can check other universities and colleges that offer strong equestrian programs because not all top schools with equestrian programs compete.

Foundations and Privately Funded Scholarships

Through foundations and privately funded sources, equine programs scholarships are offered. These include.

  1. For equestrian and women pursuing education related to equine are given scholarships by the Race for Education Scholarship Program. The awards are considered based on inadequate financial resources and the student’s background. In addition, the Race for Education Scholarship Program is offered with agriculture education.
  2. The scholarship awards at the IHSA National Horse Show for qualified students by Intercollegiate Equestrian Foundation Scholarship. Students may be chosen according to activities they are involved in, a great equestrian experience, and the need for finance for higher education.
  3. The award programs offered by USEF Youth Sportsman aim to recognize future equine industry leaders and distinguish youths who have greater achievements. Awards are awarded to below seventeen-year-olds who have dedicated themselves to the sport and even demonstrated their competitive experience. The overall winner of this participation receives a trophy worth catering to the education program of their choice.
  4. The act of generosity by the James Hamel Family and Kristen Scholarship helps donate awards up to $25,000. The awards help equestrians high school seniors pursue further education in college. Application is done every year but sometimes awarded to qualified equestrians. A requirement of being a US citizen and having a financial need is considered.
  5. Michael Nyuis Scholarship helps young riders between 14 and 25 years old who are passionate but lack enough finances to complete their studies. Four scholarships are awarded each year for those who are dedicated to sports as well. Furthermore, riders must submit essays with the help of Top Writers Review, letters of recommendation, and two videos showcasing skills in riding and explaining why they need the scholarship.

NCAA Varsity Equestrian Scholarships

NCAA offers only fifteen scholarships per school based on Divisions that operate programs for emerging equestrian women’s protocol sports. The applicants are encouraged to reach out to individuals to get new information about scholarship as it varies in different institutions. In addition, each equestrian program divide the scholarships into limited awards to distribute scholarships among most players. Well, let us get information about different divisions.

Division 1 NCAA Programs

The following colleges and universities of Division 1 offer scholarships for NCAA equestrian teams.

  1. Auburn University in Alabama helps in training and providing equine research.
  2. Cornell University in New York has an equine park for learning and doing research with the horses represented as teachers.
  3. The University of South Carolina is located in horses heart. Students who want to continue with their equestrian activities as they further their studies are encouraged to explore the opportunities here.
  4. California State University in California has an equestrian team member of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. The team promotes first-year riders with skills and students with great experience to enjoy the competition throughout the year.
  5. South Dakota State University in South Dakota promotes the equine industry and the entire community across the state of South Dakota.

Division 2 NCAA Programs

These are equestrian colleges that include:

  1. Stone Hill College in Massachusetts does not offer a degree but hosts a competition for the equestrian team.
  2. The University of Minnesota offers room to further studies for equestrians.
  3. Pace University in New York enables you to complete all levels of the horse shows.

Division 3 NCAA Programs

They offer scholarships at the University of Lynchburg in Virginia and SUNNY New Paltz in New York by enrolling students with good academic achievements together with financial problems.

Wrapping It Up

Higher education may be costly, especially for young riders experiencing financial problems. Resources are available to achieve your goals. Therefore, If you miss seeing the school of your choice, do not assume that it does not offer scholarships. As the say goes, it is not shameful to know, but it is shameful not to ask. Be sure to reach out for inquiries.

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