Humans and horses have a long history that is often seen as one of love and affection. Horses are very interesting creatures that form a bond with humans to the point where they probably recognize the faces and voices of people. Horse lovers need a lot of information so that they can understand the different behaviors that horses portray. There are certain books that horse lovers can read to get valuable information about horses, and some of these books will be highlighted below.

  1. Learning to Fall by Anne Clermont

This book by Anne Clermont is a story about a young lady who tries to save her family’s horse business. Brynne Seymour, the main character in the book, is faced with a tragedy after she graduates from school. She has to save her family’s horse business by entering and winning the million-dollar gold cup competition. She manages to win the competition but gets help from a former champion Jason Lander. According to Jason Johnston, a book report writer at SolidEssay and APA 7th Edition, “the book teaches horse lovers the essence of sacrifice to maintain what they love.”

  1. Borrowed Horses by Sian Griffiths

Borrowed Horses by Sian Griffiths is a story about a rider who aspires to participate in the Olympics. However, she has to put her dreams on hold so that she can take care of her ailing mother. She moves to Idaho where her mother is and brings her aging horse. Since she is not ready to give up her ambitions, she must decide on whether to pursue a different direction or work with a violent mare that her coach owns.

  1. National Velvet by Enid Bagnold

This book by Enid Bagnold is a story about a girl from England who dreams of one day owning many horses. Additionally, she dreams of becoming the best horse rider in England. With her best friend, Velvet sees a horse jump over a cobbled fence, and they are impressed by it. Velvet becomes obsessed with winning that horse in a raffle and winning races with him, which she does. “This book is basically about the ability of ordinary people, women who are not expected to reach heights of greatness to accomplish great things,” explains Martha Lewis, a writer at MLA Format Outline and Paper-Research.

  1. Last Chance Mustang: The Story of One Horse, One Horseman, and One Final Shot at Redemption by Mitchell Bornstein

Last Chance Mustang by Mitchell Bornstein talks about redemption. A mustang named Samson had been abused for years after being taken from the forest. However, the horse ends up on Bornstein’s farm. He tries to tame the horse and train it into being a domesticated animal. However, in the taming process, Bornstein also learns some new things from Samson the mustang.

  1. The Perfect Horse: The Daring U.S. Mission to Rescue the Priceless Stallions Kidnapped by the Nazis by Elizabeth Letts

Written by Elizabeth Letts in 2016, The Perfect Horse is the story about the war between the United States, Russia, and the Nazi Germans. The Nazis had created superior bred of horses from their science labs that would be superior to that of their enemies. After the United States discovered the master race of purebred horses, they engineered a plan to kidnap the horses and take them to a safe territory. The United States army was assisted by an Austrian colonel who worked as a trainer to the well-known Lipizzaner stallions.

Horse lovers who enjoy a good read should have these books on their radar. These books have stories and lessons that people can learn about horses. They are interesting as they can give horse lovers more information about horses.

Paul Bates is a lifestyle writer contributing to multiple online magazines and educational platforms such as ResearchOver and SwiftPapers. He enjoys spending time with horses at his own horse farm in Texas, U.S.

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