Everyone is speculating whether or not the recession is grinding to a halt and brighter days are on the horizon. It’s a question I get asked very often, but it’s very hard to gauge. With every tiny movement being scrutinized by figures and possible outcomes extrapolated it’s hard to know what the truth really is until someone in the industry says something concrete.

I got an email today for an associate of mine and it made me think. “The real estate market in Tennessee is holding tight and seems to be showing positive signs,” said my college Tad Craig, broker and auctioneer at Craig and Wheeler Realty, “We never had those huge jumps in appreciation like other areas of the country back in the day when Las Vegas had 40% appreciation and California had multiple offers on every listing out there. We were just solid and steady.

Tennessee has been impacted with the recession and the huge amount of foreclosures on the market these days; however houses with land, especially niche properties like horse farms or cattle farms still are doing quite well. These types of properties are in demand and seem to be selling very well.”

The market obviously still has some way to go to being ‘buoyant’, but as Tad points out, there are properties that are shielded from the widespread problems that still beset the housing market, and land seems to be the key. Now is the best time to own a horse property and to buy a property with prospects.

“Land is such a safe bet in any economy and when the banks are paying virtually nothing on CD rates, buyers are pulling out the cash and investing in large tracts of land,” continues Tad, “The old saying is, they’re not making any more land, and it’s true. Land and real estate here in Middle Tennessee is selling and bringing good prices. We are very blessed to be in this part of the country where growth is still happening and people want to live here.”

With so many beautiful horse properties to choose from its understandable why people are choosing to invest in land with prospects, and not just in Tennessee. Anyone with a horse property will have a wonderful place to live, a chance of saving money on stabling – or making an income on stabling – and every prospect of a tidy sale when they need it for a great price. Isn’t that what the housing market is all about?


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