Landscaping can be expensive. Yet, if you are planning on selling your home, strongly consider adding landscaping to spruce up your yard. According to the 2013 National Association of Realtors Survey, 71% of homebuyers valued curb appeal. So here are a few helpful facts about landscaping:

               1. The outside of your home sends a message about how the property has been maintained and taken care of. A bare front yard is not welcoming and suggests that the seller does not care about the property. 

A Beautiful Garden

A Beautiful Garden


              2. Evaluate the surrounding neighborhood before landscaping your yard. Do not spend huge amounts of money on landscaping if your neighbors have minimal shrubbery.  Invest in enough landscaping that your home has sufficient curb appeal but does not appear out-of-place.

              3. Do not waste money buying all mature plants. Spend money to buy a few, large trees/plants, but save money by buying younger shrubs. Still mow the lawn, remove any outdoor clutter, and invest in mulch.

              4. Keep your landscaping simple. There is no need to have 200 different types of shrubs and trees throughout your yard. You still want your home to be the focal point of your yard. Use a simple landscaping design with plants that do not require a lot of fertilizer or water.

              5. Remember that landscaping requires upkeep. While your home is listed on the market, you must be able to keep your landscaping alive. Consider investing in sprinklers, if you lack a green thumb.

By Anna Hellman


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