When you have a horse property, you’ll have several opportunities to earn money. If you exhaust time and effort in maintaining this property, you’ll be able to sell it at a higher price in the future. Additionally, if you’re using your horse property as a business, you’ll have a steady source of income which can help you become financially stable. Using your horse property for these purposes are already common to most property owners. But if you want to stretch your opportunities to earn, consider setting your horse property as a photoshoot location agency. This is a great way of earning money while showcasing the beauty of your horse property.

Nowadays, photographers are very keen on the location of their photoshoot. Because of this demand, many companies, especially London-based companies, are operating as location agencies. When you list your property with them, you can earn income once a client chooses your property as their photoshoot location. If you’re leaning towards this direction, set up your horse property with these tips:

1.      Have a master plan

A master plan is important if you’re eyeing to change or improve your horse property. You shouldn’t add a barn on your property for the sake of adding one. Instead, you should add one because you know it’s significant and it’ll provide a lot of benefits over time. Having a master plan will also ensure that every addition in your property is placed in the best area. For starters, the barn should be located near the entrance so it can be visited easily and other structures should also have sufficient spacing from each other to avoid fire from spreading.

2.      Install safe fencing

You shouldn’t only be concerned about earning money from your horse property. As a property owner, you should ensure the safety of the horses and the people who will be in the vicinity. If your horse property already uses fencing, assess if these are still functional or if there are any boards which need to be repaired or replaced. Provide solutions to your fencing problems as soon as possible to prevent accidents and injuries. If your horse property doesn’t have any fencing, consider having some installed. The cost of your fencing can increase the value of your property and the safety of everyone who’s on your property, making the fencing a great investment.

3.      Add useful amenities

Since you’ll be using your horse property as a photo shoot location, it’s important that you add several useful amenities. Aside from making sure that the horses are living comfortably, you should also consider the people’s needs once they’re in your location. Are there any comfort rooms for their use? Is there a shaded area where they can rest? These amenities can attract clients to choose your horse property for their next photoshoot.

4.      Paddocks and pasture

Your horse property won’t be considered as a horse property if there aren’t any horses in sight. If you want to showcase your horses in the best way possible, have well-kept paddocks and green pastures. These horses should also have shelter, access to water and well-maintained fencing. All of these things guarantee the wellbeing of the horses while keeping your property in top condition.

5.      Regular maintenance

This one’s a no-brainer. Regardless of how you use your horse property, you should be able to have regular maintenance. You should regularly check and clean your property. If you don’t, you might experience problems which could have been avoided if you only provided solutions earlier.

6.      Long-term investments

Purchasing an item or equipment at a cheap price is a bargain. However, if you’re eyeing to use this long-term, making the cheapest purchases might not always give you the best results. Sure, you might be purchasing cheap products, but because these aren’t made from high-quality materials, you’ll buy more than one product in a year. This can result in more costs and even stress. Opt to buy items and equipment for your horse property which are reasonably-priced and can be useful for photos. Doing this can guarantee that you’ll be able to make use of your investment today and in the future.

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