As stated by Benjamin Franklin, “guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days”. Although this statement holds plenty of validity, you want to make sure that your guests are comfortable when they come to visit (because then, maybe they will smell less). So here are a few tips to make sure that your guest bedroom is hospitable and welcoming:

A Perfect Guest Room

A Perfect Guest Room

  1. Start with the walls

Are the walls of your guest bedrooms fresh and inviting? If not, do not worry. Painting is an inexpensive way to spruce up a room, plus it is relatively easy to do. When choosing a paint color, consider a neutral color. Neutral colors are typically appealing to all guests.


  1. Is there enough storage space?

While you do not want your guests to permanently unpack their suitcases, you want to give them enough space to store their belongings. Your guest room should have a dresser or closet with open space where your guests can place their clothing.

  1. Proximity to a bathroom

Guests appreciate being able to easily access a bathroom. If your home does not have a guest bathroom and you would prefer to not share a bathroom with your guests, consider adding a bathroom, even a half bath. A guest bathroom will please your guests, plus it will likely add value to your home.

  1. Don’t forget the fresh bedding and towels

Lastly, you want guests to sleep well. Make sure that you have fresh sheets on the bed. Add some accent pillows and a nice comforter, and your guests should be happy campers!


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