Often referred to as the “Horse Capital of the World,” Kentucky’s affinity for horses runs deep in its history and culture. The Bluegrass State is renowned not only for its rich horse racing heritage but also for its breathtaking horse properties, breeding facilities, equestrian estates, and hobby farms that dot its picturesque landscapes.

Kentucky Growing Economy

Kentucky boasts a remarkable horse population, with over 320,000 horses and over $23-billion in equine-related assets. As of 2021, Kentucky’s GDP stood at approximately $203 billion, reflecting steady growth over the preceding years. Kentucky has long been a hub for manufacturing, particularly within the automotive sector. The state is home to major facilities of companies like Ford, Toyota, and General Motors. Agriculture continues to be a cornerstone of Kentucky’s economy. The state ranks high in tobacco production, and its agriculture extends to crops like corn, soybeans, and wheat. And don’t forget about Kentucky Bourbon! Kentucky’s signature bourbon industry produces 95% of the world’s bourbon supply, making it a lucrative export and tourism draw.

Kentucky’s Thriving Horse Community

The Kentucky’s horse population thrives not only due to its sheer numbers but also because of the dedicated and passionate equestrian community that nurtures and supports these magnificent creatures.

1.     Training and Education
Kentucky is home to world-class training facilities, equine veterinarians, and educational institutions specializing in equine studies. Aspiring riders and horse enthusiasts come from all over the world to learn from the best in the industry.

2.     Equestrian Events
The state hosts a plethora of equestrian events throughout the year, catering to riders of all disciplines and skill levels. From dressage and show jumping competitions to rodeos and trail rides, there’s always something happening in the Kentucky equestrian scene. Oftentimes, visitors enjoy attending the Land Rover Three-Day Eventing Series, the Kentucky Derby, the USEF Pony Finals, and the Bluegrass Festival Hunter/Jumper Horse Show.

3.    Breeding and Auctions
Kentucky’s horse breeding and sales industry is a cornerstone of the state’s economy. Numerous high-profile auctions, such as the Keeneland September Yearling Sale, attract buyers and sellers from around the globe.

4.    Community Outreach
The equestrian community in Kentucky also places a strong emphasis on giving back. Therapeutic riding programs, equine-assisted therapy, and horse rescue organizations are prevalent, showcasing the compassionate side of this community.


Kentucky’s horse population and equestrian community are not just a regional attraction; they are global treasures. The state’s commitment to preserving its equine heritage, paired with a dynamic and passionate equestrian community, ensures that the legacy of the Kentucky horse will continue to flourish for generations to come.

Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or simply an admirer of these majestic animals, a visit to Kentucky is a must. Experience the thrill of the Kentucky Derby, explore the lush horse farms, or simply immerse yourself in the rich equestrian culture that defines this remarkable state.


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Kentucky in Numbers:

img Horse Population: 320,000

img Human to Horse Ratio: 14.1

img Capital: Frankfort

img Population: 4,512,310 (2022 estimated)

img Land area: 40,411 sq miles

img 5 Largest Cities:

  • Louisville: 624,444
  • Lexington-Fayette: 320,347
  • Bowling Green: 74,926
  • Owensboro: 60,037
  • Covington: 40,956

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