Just like most business activities these days, Coronavirus has affected the real estate agents. Some customers are  waiting for the prices to drop or expect an increase as the quarantine ends. Other are still eager to buy. In any case, people are looking for a good environment in the countryside where an average family can live, study, and work at the horse farm at the same time. Among such ideas, there are horse property offers where it is possible to enjoy nature and accommodate the horses within relevant legislation by choosing the best plot. Even though the potential customers are not necessary able to visit each object in person, there are still several ways for the real estate agents to do business and succeed. The key is to implement advanced technology and make available information clear and ready at hand.

Real Estate Agent Business Through The COVID-19 Times

It may seem just as if the business has gone down with no phone calls or messages, yet this challenging situation is a special way to make business in a new way. While the equestrian estate has several peculiarities like a necessity to spend hours at the site or visiting the clients to estimate the necessary space, there are more ways to create a virtual tour or let an individual horse aficionado see what proposals are the best.

Create video presentations

It must be noted that video recordings should be done differently by focusing on things that a person may not notice while watching the video like fresh air, distance to social objects, noise or quality of a plot’s soil. Do not forget about subtitles and annotations for those people who may need additional information. Take your time to capture the scenery as the most important part of buying an equestrian property is feeling at home with a place where you spend your time out.

Translate your leaflets and videos

There are many real estate investors from China, Russia, Spain or Arabic countries that are interested in equestrian objects. Therefore, it is crucial to use professional services even if you only need several paragraphs. Check out detailed reviews of online translation services to choose the one that fits you the best. If you talk of legal restrictions, always ask for a certified translator who knows the subject and has a right to work within specific fields. When you deal with the environment and the horses, knowing the subject well will translate into another language only when an expert assists you. It also includes grammar and spelling checks

Skype online sessions

Another great opportunity to make business as a real estate agent in the times of Coronavirus is letting your clients from all over the world see a preferred object live. Use Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom video conferencing to let the buyer guide you and ask questions as they occur. This way you can show more than one object and have everything on record. Unlike already pre-recorded videos, you can be the host of your show and let it last for as long as you need.

Host virtual real estate conferences

The times may change along with the pricing scheme, yet people still seek the best ways to make sales. We may be in isolation but it also helps us to establish new contacts and get to know each other in a better way. As many entrepreneurs and CEOs host live sessions from their homes, take your chance to participate in virtual real estate conferences where you can share real estate tips and discuss the challenges. At the same time, such conferences help to keep the statistics alive, so the price scheme is still within usual limits.

Advertisement still matters 

Until the next real estate wave comes as a storm, be the wise one and pay attention to the advertisement. There may even be special discounts as almost everyone is left without work. It truly pays off if you take your time to organize a good advertising scheme. Although there are only a few phone calls or emails, the ads that are showing up will have a print in people’s minds. Once the COVID-19 situation improves a little bit, a shiny advertisement that has been in the news will be the first place that receives a call. Start with an outline, choose the best social platforms, pay attention to Instagram, SEO tricks, and examine the street banner ideas that truly reflect your business. Regardless of your business field, use an element that makes you stand apart!


Why Do Good Social Skills Matter?

Why do some real estate agents succeed even through the times of Corona while the others fail? The secret is in good communication skills like respect, confidence, care for others, patience, and knowledge. Although it may sound like a cliche, it works in practice because a skilled real estate agent is not only a person making sales but also a caring individual who helps to make a good choice. If you talk with a sincere smile, ask questions and learn how to listen, not even a quarantine is a barrier for a good deal.

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