Buying or selling a home especially for the first time can never be described as easy. You could however; make the process less tedious by allowing professionals handle things for you. It is however difficult to entrust things to a person whose track record you barely even know. So how do you ensure that you hand the business to the right person?

Most bad experiences with Realtors come as a result of not asking the right questions before going any further  and not interviewing at least 3 agents prior to making a decision. During interviews, keep in mind that where your money is the subject, there really is no dumb question.

*Seek to know what their years of experience are

*Have they sold houses in your area before? How many?

*Inquire about their commission

*Ask them what their tactics would be in as far as selling your house…and soon

*Ask for referrals- families he/she’s sold houses for before

After asking all the relevant questions, its time to turn to yourself ask and answer the following;

*Is the agent confident?

*Are they knowledgeable?

*Are they smart even in the way they market themselves and answer questions

*Are they successful?

*Can they be described as tenacious?

Finally on my list, not yours, Are they convincing….If they are, you’ll probably give them the job and they will probably convince buyers/sellers.

At, we can discern between the bad and the good…let us handle that bit for you


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