Living in an apartment? Still saving up for that dream barn? Not a problem, just make sure to buy renter’s insurance for that apartment. There are several reasons why renter’s insurance is necessary to protect yourself and personal belongings.

Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance Policy


Protection.  Unexpected events such as fires and theft can cause huge repercussions to your bank accounts. Yet renter’s insurance can protect you from medical or legal expenses that could be incurred from accidents in your home.  Renter’s insurance can also protect your personal possessions.

              Often individuals underestimate the value of their possessions but the average 2-bedroom apartment contains around $30,000 of belongings.  Many insurance companies have value estimation calculator that can help you find the true value of your possessions.

              An important fact to remember is that landlord’s typically have insurance for only the structure of the building. Some landlords aren’t even protected from damages caused by tenants. So if you believe that your landlord will cover any of your accidents, think again.


Affordability! Compared to other insurance policies, renter’s insurance is affordable. Typically, you can get renters insurance for around $20/month. The rate does vary by individual, assets, location, and insurance company.  


Coverage Types:  If you decide to purchase renter’s insurance, there are two different types of coverage’s to be aware of.

Policies that cover the actual cash value entails that the insurance company would pay you for what your possessions are worth today. Actual cash value includes depreciation.

The other type of coverage includes the total replacement cost. This policy covers the cost to replace the belongings in your apartment. Now, while this policy seems like most enticing choice, it does come with a premium.

When choosing a coverage type for your policy, consider your possessions and their depreciation values. If you have new belongings, experts suggest having an actual cash payout because your possessions would have little deprecation. Individuals with older belongings should consider the total replacement payouts.


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