How many life lessons can we learn through horses? In my opinion, the lessons are endless. Every moment around a horse can be an opportunity. Yet, there are a few lessons that seem to be universal.


You can led a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”

Well, that saying will forever ring true. Patience is required to learn. Whether you are trying to learn to ride or learning how to care for a horse, these tasks cannot be taught within a day. They take time and patience. Even the most skilled horseman learn new things on a regular basis.

Patience is also required to train horses.  Especially for young horses, patience is critical in order to allow them to develop, explore, and establish self-confidence. Every horse is different though. They learn and react differently. As horse people, we must have the patience to allow them to make mistakes and learn, yet acknowledge good behavior when it occurs.


The toughest part isn’t falling off, it’s learning to dust yourself off and get back on.”  Have you ever noticed that the most experienced horsemen/women of this industry continue to strive for more? They are determined to achieve success. These horsemen/women have the perseverance to take all obstacles in stride and continue towards their end goal. We must do the same.


If you’re not a humble person, your horse will make you.”

There is always more to learn in the horse industry. No matter your discipline or level of experience, you never know enough. Every once in a while, the best horsemen/women fall off their horses or find an illness/lameness that they cannot solve. The more humble you are, the more you will learn.


Happiness does have a smell.”

Why do we continue to go to the barn? Why do we continue to ride? Well, there is only one answer. Horses make us happy. They give us a reason to smile and laugh. So while we have to maintain our patience, stay determined, and remain humble, we have a passion to live for.

By Anna Hellman

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