If you come to Ocala for the first time, you’ll be impressed with its local color. Spectacular landscapes with hilly terrain perfectly combine with graceful horses all around. Just take a look around: all your neighbors have one or several horses (or even a horse farm). This is not a coincidence but a reason this city is known for. There are countless farms and training centers there. 

The status of Ocala isn’t only spoken and local. This place has had a well-known status as the Horse Capital of the whole World since 2007.

How Did Ocala Become a Horsing Center? 

It is fair to say that everything had started in 1943. A man named Carl G. Rose had founded the first horse farm called Rosemere Farm. It is said he chose this place because of the big ledge of limestone, similar to ledges in Kentucky. Therefore, limestone was a reason for breeders to explain the advantages of Kentucky-raised horses. That time exactly, these racehorses become regular winners, theoretically because of nutrients in the soil that let rich grass grow. 

Very soon, in 1944, this state became famous for the first huge victory. A horse from Rosemere Farm won at Tropical Park and started the era of Ocala fame. This horse was the first one raised in Florida to win a competition. As a result, many horse breeders decided to create farms in Ocala. Year by year, the number of horse farms increased and soon reached hundreds. 

But Ocala has got a title of capital of horses thanks to another farm. Meet Needles – the first horse raised in Florida to become a winner of the Kentucky Derby. Needles was raised at the Bonnie Heath Farm and won first place in 1956. The same year he also won Belmont Stakes. 

It’s funny to know the origin of Needles’ name. He received his name because of the many injections he got for healing from pneumonia. Such an irony that a sick and weak horse has become an outstanding one. He was able to gain laurels for the state and the whole country. 

It’s fair to say that the amazing story of horse farms in Ocala had officially started. Even many organizations like a newspaper create articles about the history and development of horse farms in Ocala. 

Ocala Farms and Horses Today

In the middle of the century, the fame of Ocala horses and breeders started to spread. Today Ocala is known to be one of several Thoroughbred centers in the whole world. And there are endless reasons for it. 

For instance, the horse Carry Back became a winner of the Kentucky Derby in 1961. Then the horse Affirmed became a winner of the American Triple Crown in 1978. The list of winners is very long. In general, this place is a home for the biggest number of horses than anywhere else. As a result, many breeders, jockeys, and other professional staff are located there too. They value the great climate and inspiring atmosphere that help to hold perfect riding and racing seasons. 

Besides, horse property isn’t only about fame and atmosphere. The economic side of this business is very impressive too. According to the latest statistics, Ocala horse farms bring more than $2.6 billion a year to a local budget. This makes up 18% of the total Gross domestic product (GDP). 

As you can see, the constantly growing horse industry influences people on the local and national levels. The population grows, the quality of life increases and general affordability for citizens makes this place be in real demand. As a result, magisterial magazines like Where to Retire and Money include Ocala on the list of the best cities for living in general and during retirement. 

So if you love horses and want to deepen this atmosphere, you have to come to Ocala. It is very easy to get assistance for newbies, like assignment help for students. You don’t need to seek professionals there because they are everywhere in Florida. 

The Future of Ocala 

It’s no surprise that this place will grow and increase its popularity. Breeders, tourists, retirees, and horse lovers keep coming there and making their dreams come true. Usually, they ask to prepare a research paper on its history and development to highlight the meaning of this place. Such a part of academic programs in the college and university allow young people to get acquainted with local achievements. We are proud of being a part of it. 

There are several reasons for Ocala to stay the horse capital in the future. On the one hand, the local climate is truly perfect. Mild weather and long-lasting sunshine make training possible around the year. Almost 365 days a year, professionals have no weather issues at all. On the other hand, experienced breeders prefer to stay there. Since the middle of the century, this place has been the most inspiring home for everyone who can’t live without horses.  

All these facts demonstrate that the status of the horse capital of the world is not a fluent phrase. People do value having such an impressive place for horses that always bring fame to the state and the USA. Moreover, it’s highly important to keep developing this place and attract more attention to solving frequently happening issues. Investments will be very helpful to keep the fame of Ocala growing. 

It’s fair to say that not every Ocala farm is open for tourists nowadays. Most of the working projects are focused on growing horses but not making tours for people. But it’s easy to use the help of Ocala Carriage & Tours proposals. This is the best choice for you if you would like to explore local landscapes and the inspiring atmosphere. Besides, it’s much simpler to travel to Florida for Americans than to go to Europe to explore French horse farms. Be sure you’ll enjoy Ocala even more than other similar places because it’s truly unique!


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