Written by Anna Hellman

When the time rolls around to sell your property, you must choose the right listing agent and broker. Other than making sure that your future agent will list your properties on HorseProperties.Net , here are a few other pieces of information that are important to know.

A Salesperson.  Real estate salespeople are also referred to as agents. The salesperson works for the broker and does businessHanding Over the Keys activities within their name. They are responsible for the business activities that do not involve the management of the clients’ money. Some of these activities include negotiating contracts, listing properties, holding open houses, and communicating with clients.

A Broker.  In order to become a broker, they must be a salesperson first.  The broker must handle all clients’ money and usually has a staff of salespeople. In addition, the broker also completes all lease/sale documents.

Licensed. While this a “go-figure”, a license is a requirement for in all 50 states. Now there are two different types of licenses; one for brokers and one for salespersons.

The license for brokerage activities allows the purchasing, selling, auctioning, and managing of Real Estate.

Specialization. Sometimes different brokerage companies specialize in different types of property. A few property classifications include commercial, residential, office, industrial, recreation, and agriculture. Specialized brokerage companies typically know how to advertise well to their target market and are also informative about the different amenities of that property classification.

Main Goal of Brokers. The main goal of brokers and agents are to make sure their customers are satisfied and that a sale is made. Since all they have to offer is their service, choose a brokerage company and agent that are familiar with your property type and are willing to help you through the entire transaction process.


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