The term business has been defined as having an intent to make money. That said however, it is important to remember that having an intention is not enough if it is not accompanied by some actions. See for most people it starts as a passion, grows into a hobby and before long it graduates to a business- a horse business. It is important to learn how to deal with each of these phases and specifically the business phase because if you treat it as you have other previous phases, you are not going to make money! Below I have compiled some tips that can aid you in your endeavors to make money .Just for the record though; no one can claim to have specific tips with which you can acquire success. It takes a lot to succeed and you cannot get it all from one source. Below are just some important things that you must do if you are to make money

  • Identify you market niche– See you can never be the best in everything no matter how good you may be in multitasking. Concentrate on something you are skilled in. Ask yourself what your unique talent is. Something you are capable of doing with consistency and that customers can identify you with. Ensure that several months down the line when they come back they will still get the services. This actually goes for any business not just equine.
  • Network– Networking goes beyond passing your business card to everybody that comes your way. Find relevant channels through which you can market your services/products. Say for example you are a horse trainer or perhaps you trade in horse properties etc. Offer to give a talk for free at seminars or workshops dealing with the same. Volunteer to offer your services say at non profit organizations or rescue centers. Well, if you are stingy its going to be hard .Good thing is that before long you will become immensely popular and this shall surely come with a prize
  • Communicate wisely and efficiently– they say the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach and I say that the way to a customers pocket is through words. Well there is more to this than being a smooth talker. You have to be convincing. Make them believe that you offer the best deal in town and that they would be loosing big if they didn’t buy from you. Make them feel that they need you. Never make yourself sound desperate. Then again no matter how rich you are in words, if your products do not speak for themselves, you will not make money .Exude confidence as you go about your businesses too.
  • Be good in what you do– This does not mean perfect. At least be an expert in your own rights. Be creative too. Present your clients with a package different from what they have seen else where. Throw in some freebies, and extra services. It doesn’t matter how cheap they come. Nobody hates free things.
  • Remain focused-There is always a bad season in every business. Do not allow to be disheartened. It is however important to put up strategies that will see you through harsh times. Want to learn some of these? At we shall keep you well informed because your success matters to us!

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