This is the time of year when many sellers of horse properties and farms decide to take their properties off the market.  They feel that there is a decrease in the number of buyers searching for such properties, resulting in less chance of selling — therefore, waiting until spring to put it back on the market.

Although the number of buyers in the market for horse properties and farms does drop, the serious buyers are still searching.  The buyers that are lost are the ones that are “just looking” but not quite ready to buy as yet.  

Since inventory for these specialized properties has dropped, there are fewer properties on the market for the remaining buyers to choose from.  This is actually a good thing for sellers if they are serious about getting their property sold.  The lower the inventory, the better chance of selling.

Also, decorating the property for Christmas will make it more appealing to the buyers.  Seeing all the lights and decorations is so inviting and remember, good first impressions will attract buyers to the property.

Before deciding to take your property off the market during the winter months, think twice about your strategy.  There may be a chance that a qualified winter buyer will be missed simply because the property was not on the market at the right time.

written by:

Brigita McKelvie, Realtor

Cindy Stys Equestrian & Country Properties, Ltd.




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