Social media has forever changed the way we do advertising, and while all businesses can benefit from it, the value of social media for an equestrian estate is beyond overstatement. If you’re trying to make your equestrian property stand out, there are several ways you can do it.

Social media is a goldmine for real estate, especially for those looking to sell their horse properties. Here’s how to make effective advertising for your equine real estate through social media and how you can make the most out of it.

Take Advantage of Facebook’s Features

When it comes to success in real estate, it’s important for you to pick a few social media channels to advertise to. While it’s easier to market your horse property across every channel simply, it can be hard to do it consistently. Therefore, it’s best to cut down the number of channels that you need to handle.

Among the many marketing staples out there, the one that stands out the most is Facebook. Among the social media platforms, Facebook offers the best chance for you to find the most qualified buyers. The buyers’ persona that fits people who will be interested in horses will likely be on Facebook.

Most qualified buyers interested in horses will likely be in the age range and income bracket that use Facebook. Beyond the likeliness that your target audience is there, Facebook is also the social media that offers the most tools for real estate advertising.

Facebook lets businesses create updates similar to real estate listings. It also allows communication with customers and even curate similar reviews within the same platform. Use Facebook ads to target the right people through their listed demographics.

Optimize Your Posts With Horse Real Estate Hashtags

When you’re advertising to attract buyers, a powerful way to optimize your content is to use hashtags. While many believe that hashtags are used to follow trends and viral content, they have a different use in real estate and, more specifically, in equine properties for sale.

Hashtags bring more engagements to your posts and offer an excellent way for your potential audience to find you. In addition, they help buyers to find you on social media and, with equine real estate being a more specialized type of property, there are only some hashtags that will work.

Some social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer some of the best ways to make the best out of every hashtag. For example, it’s best to use a combination of generic real estate hashtags combined with those that specify that you are sitting on an equine property.

If you can, sprinkle in some hashtags that are specific to the neighborhood that you’re targeting. Add in branded hashtags to show off your company and the target city you have.

Engage And Build A Two-Way Communication

If you’re looking to advertise more of your horse properties, you need to remember that communication should be two-way. Many of those looking for such properties don’t like constant in-your-face promotion. On the other hand, if you’re looking for buyers, you want to create a level of engagement that helps educate them.

Most potential buyers for horses and horse properties are looking for good information and better leads. Most of these property buyers have things they want to ask and questions they want to be answered. If it’s their first time looking for such properties, you can expect an intimidating outlook too.

When advertising, savvy social media marketers use this opportunity to walk their would-be buyers through the process. Anyone who shows interest should receive a level of shared experience, so your ads work better. As you advertise, offer different ways to interact with potential customers.

Start with Q&A sessions through a livestream. Offer horse real estate advice to those in your locale. When you can, invite your audience to participate in a conversation to create more qualified leads.

Create Compelling Equine Real Estate Posts With Photos

Unlike most industries, real estate and even equine estate sales, in particular, don’t need you to be shy about trying to sell. Instead, it’s crucial to create a more diverse content calendar for your potential buyers and make the most out of the pitch. You want to create a snapshot of the experience, as well as a way to grow and engage your followers.

Take advantage of your property photos. Use the visual advantage of real estate to show them off on social media. Stunning high-resolution photos are central to your advertising strategy. If you can, post the healthy horses that the property breeds to show that it is an excellent location for those looking to pursue their interest in horses.

Get creative with both the photos and the stories that you have. Equine properties are best sold with a story, so you want to highlight success stories with both properties and the clientele you have. This will provide social proof that you have satisfied clients, and the properties you sell can offer happiness and satisfaction.

Build your social proof. Add human interest in the social media advertising, and you can expect people to start flocking. It also shows the human side of your business, which is key to success in social media.

Improve Your Advertising Accessibility

It’s easy to forget that accessibility can be something that you need when advertising on social media. A good percentage of people interested in horse real estate are older adults or at retiring age. Put this into consideration and add special accessibility features to your advertisement.

If you’re posting images, make sure that the post has some context on it. Add some post content, and don’t settle with a simple collection of photos. Some persuasive ad copy should win over people, even more than dumping photos.

When posting ad videos, closed captions and subtitles can help those who have impaired hearing. In addition, take advantage of the alt-text feature for images and videos to improve your optimization and help those with visual issues using screen readers.

Final Thoughts

Horse real estate on social media is not standard fare, but if you treat it like any specialized property, you’ll find a solid strategy to do it. Advertising these types of properties gives you a chance to find the right buyer quickly. It will take a bit of work, but with these strategies, you should be able to improve your connection with potential customers.

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