Drones for aerial photography and videography

Drones for aerial photography and videography

Drones are the latest trend

Drones have been the latest trend in aerial photography and videography. Aerial photography with drones is detailed and easy to obtain, compared to the past use of planes and helicopter to capture photos. Also, the videography captured through drones is smooth, captivating, and appealing to buyers. Many real estate agents now use drone videography to market their homes. To get an oversight of the listing is especially useful for equestrian estates and horse ranches.

Real Estate industry uses them for more than videos

But the real estate industry has begun to use drones for more than just pictures and videos. The commercial real estate industry has started using drones in construction and infrastructure sections. They use drones to survey the construction sites for any possible maintenance repairs. Commercial real estate is also utilizing drones to collect data for intelligence, analytics, and surveillance. The drones can collect a large amount of data in a relatively short amount of time.

Drones and mapping software

Many platforms have started to integrate drones with mapping software. Once the mapping software has advanced, it could be used to gather analytics for agriculture and construction areas. These drones would have sensors that would be able to process cracks and abnormalities within the land.  The sensors would create data that could be kept for historical records or used to forecast any issues that might arise with the land.

Unsettled issues regarding laws and regulations

Drones are still relatively new to the real estate industry. Engineers are still working on creating drones that can operate on a cloud-based infrastructure, store more data, and transfer the collected data more easily.  There are also a lot of unsettled issues regarding the regulations, laws, and rules of drones. Certain laws have been set in place though. For example, the Federal Aviation Administration has implemented rules that prevent drones from being flown near an airport.

While drones will continue to be used within the real estate industry, it will be fun to see how they evolve and adapt.

By Anna Hellman

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