If horses are your life, making some strategic changes to your current horse property can put you well on the way to the luxury equestrian estate you’ve been dreaming about.


Either a spacious pool to relax by, or a lap pool to use for exercise will be fantastic amenities to your property and will really increase its value. Take a look at various possibilities of in ground pool cost, then work on ideas that would be best for your environment.

However, humans are not the only ones who love pools. Hydrotherapy for horses was traditionally used only for injuries. Now, however, it is also used for superior exercise that takes the strain from your horses’ joints. They also seem to enjoy it. Consider having a horse pool installed at the same time you are installing one for the humans.

Automatic Sensors

Things can go wrong very quickly in the stables: too hot in summer, too cold in winter or too light at night. Installing sensors that adjust these things automatically is a smart move and will free you from either constantly checking, or always worrying when you leave your property.

Sensors are possible to install in troughs to keep track of water levels, temperature sensors can turn on overhead fans or start heaters. Light sensors turn on lights on a dark day and turn them off again when the sun comes out.

Foaling Centers

If you breed on your property, don’t just try to adapt a random stall to be a birthing center. Study what constitutes the perfect foaling environment and dedicate one or two stalls for that purpose.

About three weeks before your mare is due, move her to the “foaling center” so she can get adjusted to her new environment. Any new germs or pollen in this space will also help prepare antibodies in her milk so her foal will not be allergic or get infected by anything nearby. Either have the stalls on either side of her empty or give her one friend to keep her company through labor.

Foals are clumsy and can’t see very well at first so definitely keep anything off the floor they could trip over. If you want to get really fancy, you can install cameras to keep an eye on the mare’s progress from your house. If not, install sufficient lighting so you can see what’s happening if she starts to give birth in the middle of the night. Also make sure the light switch is someplace where you can find it easily in the dark.

Beautiful Pathways

You can easily give your property a cohesive look by making pathways flow with the natural shapes of the land. Walking paths for humans can be next to horse paths and portions of them can be covered so everyone can exercise whatever the weather.

If you have the ability, try drawing what you would like to see. When the time is right you can meet with a landscaper and see if your dream is possible. Water features like fountains or decorative buildings like gazebos will add an elegant touch.

Decide what flowers or trees would best compliment your buildings and either plant them yourself or include that when you commission the walkways. A cohesive color connecting the plantings and all of the buildings will go a long way towards making your property stand out. If part of your land has a hill, place a comfortable bench there so you can sit and survey your kingdom when you have a few minutes.

Whether you make these changes all at once or over time, an investment in your horse property is always a good thing to do. Prospective horse buyers will feel very confident when they see your amazing grounds and facilities. If you ever decide to sell, your estate will be a realtor’s dream and whatever you’ve invested will definitely pay off.


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