Whether you have a horse farm or apartment, little garden nooks can be the perfect place to relax and unwind. They provide serenity and an opportunity to emerge a little in nature. Garden nooks can be as simple as a few plants on a balcony or as complex as an entire garden system, complete with paths and trees.

Some basic ideas to get your garden nook started, include:

  1. Creative Locations

Garden nooks don’t necessarily have to be located in your backyard. Be creative about where you create a garden nook. Some homeowners have placed a small balcony around the flat part of their roof and installed a garden nook there. Other homeowners have put garden nooks on the balconies of their apartments or on the side of their home. The options are unlimited since garden nooks can vary in size and complexity. Before finalizing a location, make sure the area will get both sun and shade.

  1. Climbing Plants

Growing climbing plants over an arbor or similar structure provides privacy and shade. By surrounding your garden nook with climbing plants, any flowers you need to live in shade, can happily exist under your arbor.

  1. Hidden Walkways

There are several reasons why you should have small walkways throughout your garden. First, walkways allow you to access all parts of your garden so you can water and closely monitor your flowers. Walkways are also commonly used by designers because they make the garden seem larger than it is. Walkways can separate your garden into specific sections. For example, you can keep your petunias in one area and irises in another.

  1. Garden Accessories

The main reason for a garden nook is to enjoy it. So besides carefully designing your nook and planting a variety of flowers, make sure to include sitting areas. Whether chairs or a little dining table, these sitting areas will make sure that you enjoy the space and throw yourself back into nature.

  1. Get crazy with your flower selection

By planting vibrant, bold flowers, you can set a fun vibe for your garden nook. If you stop by a nursery, the gardeners can help decide which plants will thrive within your garden environment. You can also consult them about colorful flowers that will make your garden radiant and beautiful.

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