There are so many benefits of running a home-based business at your horse farm, with tax advantages, low overhead costs, and more flexibility in your day being just a few of them. However, it’s important to have a dedicated home office space that can be used solely for your business, as this will allow you to maintain a healthy work-life balance, reduce household distractions, and boost productivity all week long.

If you’re ready to cut out your commute and make more time for barn chores, it’s time to create a space to work from home. Check out these tips, brought to you by Horse Properties, to learn how.

Define Your Business

There are countless directions you might be taking your home-based business, and it’s important to think through what your expectations are before you go any further. For instance, if your farm is directly involved with your business, such as for equine therapy, a lesson program, or hosting shows, you’ll have very different criteria than if your horses are strictly part of your personal life. Think through your professional needs and weigh them against your personal ones.

From there, organize the business itself. Find out if you need any special permits or insurance for your work and location, and treat your business as you would any other. Develop a formal business plan and determine what structure will be most practical for your business. Learn what is required in your state, and follow appropriate guidelines to ensure you get started out on the right foot.

Option 1: Work With the Space You Have

If home-based businesses are permitted in your city or county of residence, the easiest way to make space for your office is to convert a spare room, corner, or garage. With the right layout, office furniture, lighting, greenery, and storage solutions, just about any part of your house can be converted into a functional space for a home-based business.

While spare rooms, walls, nooks, and alcoves make great spaces for a home office, some types of work require more square footage and privacy than others — especially if you’ll be meeting with clients or hiring employees to work out of your home. In these situations, a home addition or garage conversion may be your best options.

You might even be able to add an appropriate space to your barn, although Blackburn Architects warns that extra safety measures should be added to your plan to reduce concerns of fire or injury. Another smart choice could be adding onto your current abode, or installing an appropriate building on your property.

Option 2: Buy a Larger Home

Whether you’re out of indoor space, not up for a barn conversion or home addition, or home-based businesses aren’t permitted where you currently live, you can opt to buy a larger home altogether. To purchase a new house that meets your personal and professional needs, it’s important to complete the following steps:

  • Set a realistic home buying budget
  • Complete the mortgage pre-approval process
  • Find and hire an experienced real estate agent
  • Search for available homes online

Finding a home that can be used for living and doing business will take some time, but an experienced real estate agent will be invaluable to your search. Before beginning your hunt for a new home, however, it’s important to have a good idea of what you’re looking for in a property — whether it’s ample parking for guest’s trailers, a separate home entrance, or an extra outbuilding for your heavy equipment storage.

Depending on the nature of your business and other particulars, the best location for your home-based business may be a spare bedroom or your barn, a new addition, or a different home altogether. If you’re unsure about selling your current home at this time, contact an experienced real estate agent to determine whether buying and selling could be the best choice for you and the future of your business.

Look to Horse Properties for more information on meeting all your real estate needs.

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