Horse people enjoy looking at horse properties. We love to envision feeding our horses in the barn, taking riding lessons in the arena, or hanging our saddles in the tack room. So as horse people in the real estate industry, we have outlined a few tips below to ensure that your ad on HorseProperties.Net truly stands out.



First impressions are everything! This classic statement rings true especially when a potential buyer opens a listing and sees the property’s photos. One of the most important rules is to show pictures of the horse facilities! Horse people want to see the barn, pastures, arena, etc. Horse people are typically more worried about the barn than the home. Now, depending on your horse property, we have outlined some critical photos to include below:

Hobby Farm:
  • Barn Exterior
  • Barn Aisle
  • Inside of Stall
  • Tack Room
  • Feed Room
  • Arena
  • Pasture
  • Aerial Photo – showing the layout of the barn vs pastures/arenas
Training/Boarding Facility:
  • Barn Exterior(s)
  • Barn Aisle(s)
  • Inside of Stall
  • Exterior Outdoor Runs
  • Tack Room
  • Feed Room
  • Barn Office
  • Barn Apartment/Lounge/Kitchenette
  • Indoor Arena (include Viewing Room if applicable)
  • Outdoor Arena
  • Round Pen
  • Hot Walker
  • Paddocks
  • Pastures
  • Run-In Sheds
  • Caretaker/Manager’s Residence
  • Aerial Photo

The photos should be high resolution, shot straight-on, be well lit, and not contain rubbish or horse poo. You want the potential buyer to immediately notice the horse facilities and not get distracted by clutter/rubbish.



Typically, after a potential buyer skims through the photos, they look to the text for additional insight. This is where the details matter! Double check all the quantities (number of stalls, pastures, arenas, etc.) and try to obtain as many specifics as possible. 

Here are some commonly asked questions :

  • Do the stalls have automatic waterers?
  • Do the stalls have mats and proper drainage?
  • Does the arena have specialized footing?
  • Are the arenas a certain size – dressage arena/show jumping arena, etc?
  • Is the tack room heated?
  • Are there laundry hook-ups in the tack room?
  • Is there a bathroom in the barn?
  • Is the wash rack indoor or outdoor, and does it have hot water?
  • Is the hay stored in a separate barn/area?
  • What type of fencing was used for the pastures/paddocks?
  • Are there any wells onsite?

Quite honestly, this list could continue for a while, but it’s a start. If you have additional questions that you routinely ask, feel free to add them to the comments below!


Video Links

When you purchase an ad with HorseProperties.Net, you receive two video links. These videos can be linked from YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, etc. Some agents add one video of a property tour and another link of a Matterport 3D home tour. 

While the videos are often dictated by a marketing budget and local resources, they offer potential buyers a great opportunity to see an overall layout of the property. 


Last but not least, once you publish an ad, you’re able to edit it at any time. If you realize that you forgot a detail or photo, it’s easy to log into your account and click ‘edit property’. Plus, HorseProperties.Net is always here to help – if you run into any questions.

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