Shipping Your Horse With Fedex: All You Need To Know

You bought a new horse property and now you need to move your horse. Maybe you have more horses than place in your trailer? Transporting your horse is a major responsibility. Not just in terms of finances, but there are a number of other things to consider. When it comes to shipping your horse with FedEx, the good news is that yes, FedEx does offer the option of shipping your horse across the US. 

FedEx offers specialized chartered Air Freight Delivery Services that can be used to transport horses from one part of the country to another. There are a number of key points that you must know about such services. Before opting to ship your horse on air freight, it is important you know everything that there is. 

For people who are horse show enthusiasts, passionate horse riders, or even adventure-lovers traveling across the countryside with their horses, might consider road transportation to be a much better and safer option for horse transportation. A lot of such enthusiasts and riders often prefer horse trailers. 

While that is a topic of discussion for later, coming back to “FedEx-ing” your horse in the USA, let us now take a look at some key features of air freight carriage services offered by FedEx, that can be used to ship your horse from one part of the USA to another. 

  • Fedex offers chartered air freight delivery services across the USA. These services are available for both one-time and long-term U.S. or international freight shipments.
  • The services are customized and can fit all kinds of requirements of horse transportation. 
  • FedEx has a fleet of aircraft and you get the facilities to set your own course for your shipments based on how time-sensitive, high-value or time-definite the freight shipments are. 
  • FedEx Charters are available for general cargo, hard-to-move cargo and animals, which include zoo animals, horses and cattle. And you can use it to and from anywhere in the US. So, if you were wondering whether it is possible to FedEx your horse or not, we hope you got your answers. 

While it is definitely very convenient to transport your horse with FedEx’s air freight carriage services, it is still not as cost-effective and preferable as road transportation with the help of horse trailers

You definitely get advanced and very convenient features and customized transportation options with Fedex air freight carriage. It also includes things like personalized security options and temperature-sensitive cargo environments for the comfort of your horses.

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