Buying a horse can be a very exciting process especially if you are a first time buyer. It is a time when the desire you have had for such a long time transits from a dream to a reality and a tangible one at that. For this reason many a buyer allow their emotions and whims to guide them through the process and guess what? They end up disappointed. There are certain factors you must consider before you part with your money but at we would like to first let you in on some of the common mistakes most horse buyers make lest you become part of the statistics. First off though, it’s imperative that you discern the purpose of your soon to be horse as this will guide you to getting the kind of horse most suitable.

• As a first time horse buyer, avoid buying at an auction- this kind of arrangement does not allow you time to assess and evaluate the animals on offer. It also hardly allows you the insight of an impartial professional

• Going for cheap-While it is important that at the current state of the economy you spend wisely, you should keep in mind the saying that cheap is expensive. Enquire why it goes for the cheapest price. Then again keep in mind that the reason might be because the seller is desperate to sell so do not completely rule it out. Get a second and even third opinion

• Buying an untrained horse- Unless you have vast experience with horses which I assume you don’t, go for a horse that is relatively mature and trained. Buying an untrained horse will see you spend more money on a trainer soon afterwards. Then again don’t go for a horse that by far surpasses your level of proficiency as far as your skills are concerned unless you are considering getting some training before you can ride alone.

• Failing to get the horse’s health evaluated – It isn’t wrong as some might think, to bring your vet along if only to be sure. Get their general observations including what they think about the horse’s feeding habit, the standing posture, skin, everything and anything. Don’t be afraid that you’ll appear naïve.

• Being too firm on the exact physical characteristics the horse must possess. Say coloring, coat pattern and what have you. Allow other ideas too.

• Failing to get an insurance- Most people underestimate the value of horse insurance forgetting the amount agony it may save you in the future since there is always a possibility that something could go wrong even with all the precautionary measures.

After all is said and done, your horse needs a great place where he can feel at home so don’t deny him that because as they say; a happy horse = a happy owner.


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