We regularly hear that there are not enough homes on the market to purchase. Builders have been trying to build more homes to meet the increasing demand. Yet, the demand for homes is expected to continue into the immediate future. So the construction industry has been brainstorming ideas to create more homes affordably and rapidly.

3D Printer House

3D Printer House

Incorporating new technologies into home building is the most likely solution. Back in February, a company called Apis Cor brought the first 3-D printer onsite to build a home. The results were impressive. The 3-D printer was able to build a home mostly out of concrete and within 24 hours. The home was about 125 square feet and cost $10,134.

Yet this is just the beginning. The hope is that 3-D printers will be able to produce homes on a larger scale. While this is hard to imagine, 3-D are going to be used in the immediate future to build housing materials. The printers would also be useful onsite because they could create parts that would be required for the floors, walls, and various fixtures.

3-D printers are also able to sustainably build homes because they were able to recycle old construction waste to create new building materials. Demolished building materials create a lot of waste, which is damaging to our environment.

The hope with integrating technologies is that it will lower costs for buyers and allow homes to be more sustainable.

So now the question is, would you (as a buyer) consider buying a home that was created by a 3-D printer?

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