Keeping horses is a dream for many property buyers, but the wrong horse real estate can lead to many problems. Buying or selling this specialty property requires working closely with an agent, so make sure you ask the right questions before committing to any deal.

Five Questions That Buyers Should Ask

Take some time to speak with any horse real estate agents representing properties you want to buy:

  • Ask about an agent’s experience helping people who are buying equestrin property. Experience makes a big difference and you want to work with an agent who has handled other deals before.
  • Ask about regulations and restrictions. Each municipality has certain regulations that property owners need to follow. Be sure you are able to abide by them.
  • Ask about financing. The nature of a property might disqualify you from certain avenues of financing. A private loan might need to be secured in order for the deal to go through. A farm bureau might also provide lending options. Your agent should be able to answer basic questions about financing.
  • Discuss a structural inspection. A horse farm has several different buildings and each one will need to be checked for structural integrity.
  • Take a look for yourself. Ask the agent to show you the property so you can look at the surrounding land, including access roads, neighboring properties, and so forth. These factors will influence your experience with your new horse farm.

What Sellers Should Do

If you are selling equestrian property, you should also do a little research before choosing an agent. Look for a real estate agent who knows a few things about horses so that they can accurately represent the characteristics of your property to

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