Take into consideration all of the recent racehorse deaths which have occurred in the not so long past on race tracks. Artificial intelligence to communicate with your horse has always been thought of as a long time to come, but now it’s here. Artificial intelligence can be used to improve functionality, increase speed and drive reliable judgments with your equine. It could even help you prevent organizational mishaps, which can be the cause of death.

Understanding the Complexities of Professional Equine Trainers

A group of full-blooded horses huffing and puffing heavily all queued neatly across the starting line. Followed by, a thunder of stampeding hooves each one followed by another in succession all racing towards the finish line. The best few horses gallop past home stretch to make it across the finish line.

The judges announce the indisputable winner of the entire race which lasts just a few minutes. Moments later, the winner canters and frolics enjoying the attention of the entire Crowd Writer of individuals while the rest of the horses head back to their barn.

The race may be over, but it is the dedication towards the training that brought about this result. Trainers need to take into consideration several different factors to ensure that their horse outperforms all others. Both the horses’ physical features and appearance needs to be monitored by the trainer at all times to ensure peak performance.


Artificial Intelligence Products for Horse Owners



StableGuard is the first product of the company Magic AI, which is a Seattle-based startup. StableGuard provides horse owners with a comprehensive solution to monitor their pet horse in the stables. Alexa Anthony is the founder of the company Magic AI. She is a former equestrian athlete herself. She founded the software after losing her horse named Magic.

StableGuard gives horse owners the facility to check up on their horse from the luxury of their cellphones via cameras and video. StableGuard delivers intelligent behavior-based video monitoring with 24/7 access to owners. Owners can monitor their horses without having to be physically present in the stable itself.

StableGuard professionals install the necessary electronic equipment so that owners can live stream the events taking place at the stable. Once all the state of the art equipment is in place, owners can receive intimation if anything out of the ordinary occurs in the vicinity of the stable or if the horse displays any weird horse behaviors.


Stable Secretary

Stable Secretary gives you the option to manage your barn from anywhere. Although they do not have the opportunity to live-stream access to your horse or barn, they will handle all your documents. This application is available both on iPhone and Android. Users can input all the information pertaining to their horse in the app.

Once all the information is entered, it will be available to the user for viewing at any time. The application proves to be an invaluable resource for people managing multiple horses. All the horse’s breeding, health, worming, farrier, dentist, vaccination reports and any other files and information are easily centralized with the help of this software.

The value for money for this extremely instrumental app is highly cost-efficient in terms of practicality and functionality. The software has an easily understandable and very user-friendly interface. The interface eliminates the guesswork from all of the documents management. The application proves to be an essential tool at the time of selling a horse.



E-Trakka was invented by the Australian man Andrew Stuart who has been a jockey himself and won over 50 plus races in his career. This device is especially valuable for jockeys and riders interested in making the most of their horses and runs. Andrew Stuart is one of the pioneer’s in the field of integrating technology with skills and talent. He realized that he could outperform his competitors if he had the information required to evaluate his own performance.

The E-Trakka is the best tool to capture all the data and compile your performance statistics on the cloud. The device is easy to use as there are no wires, and it is connected directly to the cloud. With a single touch of a button, the device is turned on and starts to monitor the horse’s heart rate and other vitals.

The software has been designed to be easy to use for trainers with minimal knowledge of using computers. All the data related to your horse is entirely secure. The device is installed physically in the saddle blanket of the horse. This device accesses cloud-based storage using a secure 4G mobile network. Once the information is uploaded, it can be viewed from any device with an internet connection.

Barn Manager

Barn Manager is a tool which will help you to end the paper trail. It is a comprehensive tool which will reunite all the paperwork for your horse. You will realize that horse riding vs. car driving is not so different so far as the paperwork is concerned. The only difference is that there is so much more paperwork with a horse since it is a living breathing animal.

The interface of Barn Manager is the most unsurpassed interface you will see in software designed to manage your horse’s records. Even so, it is still very comprehensible and easy to understand in a straightforward manner. You can schedule veterinarian appointments and even training lessons for your horse with this software.

One of the best things about this software is that you can assign customized permissions to an unlimited number of users depending on your requirements. They also have very user-friendly customer support.

Putting it All into Perspective

It is important to remember that all these devices and electronics are designed to maximize the horse’s performance. The horse needs to have a physical mentor who understands all of the horse’s inclinations and preferences. These are just the electronic devices designed for your horse, make sure your horse also has state of the art accessories and is comfortable in them.

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