Often homeowners choose one architectural style for all the buildings on their property, ranging from their home to their garage to their barn. The chosen architectural style is dependent on the location, weather, and preference of the homeowner.

In a recent blog, we discussed the characteristics of each type of architectural style. For today’s blog, we displayed 5 different equestrian barns.

A-Frame barn

A-Frame Barn

This barn features A-Frame architecture. A-Frame’s are notorious for their steeply pitched roofs that prevents snow from collecting during the winter months. Typically the roofline for A-Frame’s begins at/near the foundation, which makes this barn slightly more unique too.







Tudor Barn

Tudor Bar

This barn features chimneys, which are characteristic of Tudor architecture. This barn also has a steeply pitched roof.  While Tudor homes traditionally feature half-timbering, this barn gives off the appearance of timbering yet uses bricks.

Spanish Colonial Barn

Spanish Colonial Barn







From the white stucco walls to the red roof and the curved archways, this barn is an accurate portrayal of the Spanish Colonial style. The balconies are also a traditional feature. While this roof is not made of terracotta roof tiles, the contrast of red and white gives off the Spanish Colonial feel.


Post Modern Barn

Post Modern Barn



Like many Post-Modern homes, this barn incorporates a variety of styles.  This popular style features rock-facing accents with a contemporary feel.


Written By Anna Hellman 


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