According to the latest statistics, the housing market finally recovered from the crash in 2008. Therefore, more and more buyers are looking for their dream home. The most recent data shows that people usually search for ten weeks and look at ten properties on average before finding a perfect house.

However, if you don’t belong to this medium category, then check the following reasons your house isn’t selling.

  1. The house price is high

    Identifying the best possible price is crucial when selling a house. Take into consideration the law of supply and demand. Usually, there is a high demand, but low supply. However, it doesn’t mean that your listing price can skyrocket. Even though your home is valuable, you must be rational when it comes to pricing. If the price isn’t aligned with the market value, you’ll drive away many potential buyers. Hence, determine the right price of your house with the agent that is in accordance with the market.

  1. Bad advertising photos

    Pictures of the house are the first thing that prospective buyers see when they browse through websites. Basically, they’ll make their impression based on those images and decide if your home is worth paying a visit. If there are no photos, buyers will naturally assume that something is wrong. Likewise, pictures that are bad and blurry, as well as pictures of the decluttered house aren’t attractive either. So, clean up your home and have it photographed by professionals. This is an investment that will pay off.

  2. The appliances are old 

    Nobody likes to have old yellow appliances in a new house. Even though potential buyers are aware that they can replace the ancient boiler if your devices are older than you, but naturally they’ll be worried about what else needs to be replaced, and these are additional costs. Prospective buyers consider everything, especially further investments they need to make. Therefore, renew your appliances, so they look appealing during walk-throughs or if that’s not an option, then lower your price.

  1. The smell is bad

    When potential buyers come to your property, they perceive every detail with all their senses. One of the first things they feel and that is their first impression is the smell. Kerrie Kelly, from Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, advises opening the windows and doors before the buyers arrive so that any unpleasant smell can go away. There’s no need to bake cookies or burn candles; it will be enough to put fresh flowers in a vase.

  1. You stayed during the showing of the house

    Brendon DeSimone, real estate specialist at Zillow says that one of the biggest mistakes house owners make is that they stay for the showing. Buyers usually want to inspect the house thoroughly, meaning they want to look at every corner, to dig through the closets, to comment freely want they like and dislike. However, when you’re there, you’ll always have some remarks that will turn potential buyers off. Therefore, leave agents to do their work successfully.


  1. Too much furniture

    Mark, a writer at, suggests that sometimes the problem might be an overstuffed house. When buyers come to see the home, they might miss grasping all its potential because of overcrowded place that doesn’t leave much free space. They prefer light, open areas, so they can imagine all the possibilities that the house has to offer. So, try to remove some pieces of furniture to lighten up space and give buyers a chance to wander around and visualize all the possibilities it gives.

  1. You didn’t clean properly

    Nobody likes to see socks on the floor or dirty windows in their dream house. It doesn’t leave a good impression, and it drives prospective buyers away. Maybe it would be good to hire professional cleaners to make your home shine and that way attract many potential buyers who will bid for your house. It doesn’t have anything with your cleaning habits; it’s just that experts will make your place look new and fresh. If this isn’t an option, then call some friends to give you a hand and get down to work.

  1. Wrong agent

    If your house is listed at the right price and it’s properly maintained, then maybe something is wrong with your agent. Some agents don’t have adequate social skills, some aren’t so passionate about their job, some are burnt-out, while some aren’t simply charming enough. As a result, they turn prospective buyers off. Hence, make sure you hire a real estate agent you’d like to be friend with. If you don’t feel comfortable around your agent, neither buyers will.


To sum up, when your house is clean, decluttered and well-maintained, with the decent advertising photos, right price, and real estate agent, it will be sold without a hitch in no time.

Written by Scott Mathews

Scott Mathews is a professional content writer in such topics as digital marketing, work productivity and business relationship. Scott`s the biggest passion is blogging and travelling. He regularly takes part in different conferences and contributes his posts to different websites. Contact him on Facebook and Twitter.


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