Dogs and horses can form a really strong bond, especially if the two are brought up together at a horse farm. Both of these creatures:

  • Enjoy outdoors
  • Enjoy playing and running
  • Enjoy food
  • Love affection and humans
  • Get along well with a variety of other animals (such as goats, cats, sheep, etc.)

Plus, you can teach both of them super fun tricks. However, it’s not true for all dog breeds. Smaller-sized dog breeds might be afraid of horses.

For that very reason, we’ve compiled this list of horse-friendly dogs. If you’re up for adopting a dog to keep your horse company, browse through and pick one wisely.

1.    Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dogs are born and bred to live in a farm setting. They live best around cattle and horses.

Owing to their roots and origins, these dogs are better survivors than all others on this list. In a flight or fight situation, you will see these canines standing their ground, fighting to protect those they love.

Despite being born with strong survival instincts, these dogs are prone to a few genetic health conditions, such as arthritis and dysplasia. As they grow old, these dogs may require healthcare and maintenance.

2.    Border Collie

Border Collies have a super cute personality. They’re loyal, obedient, intelligent, and possess a strong desire to please their owners. And that means they are easier to train.

If Border Collies get a chance to grow up with your horse, they’ll grow up to their homies. You’ll notice an affectionate and joyful bond between the two creatures.

3.    White Pitbulls

White Pitbulls are not a separate type of Pitbulls. They’re just Pitbulls with a white coat. Often, these dogs are perceived to be aggressive because of their looks. But they are super gentle and caring in reality.

This combination of fierce looks and soft behavior makes them a perfect partner for your horse. We recommend getting a white pitbull with brown spots if the pure white ones appear too aggressive to you.

In terms of temperament, you will find them both alike. The great aspect here is that white Pitbulls are great protectors. So, your horse will always have a back.

4.    German Shepherd

Here comes the second type of shepherd that goes well with horses. German shepherds are known for their protective nature.

Thanks to their muscular build and instinctual aggression towards invaders, these are excellent guarding dogs. If you need a dog to socialize fairly well with your horse or horses and guard the stable independently, a German Shepherd is your best choice.

5.    Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are bulky dogs with strong build. They’re quiet, intelligent, and strong. Plus, they’re very loyal and affectionate. Moreover, these canines demand minimal healthcare.

If you wish to have a dog that can soundly guard your farms and stable while you’re away (without freaking out your neighbors), this is the one you ought to adopt.

6.    Dalmatian

Dalmatians have a rich history of being horse dogs. Back when horse carts were common, Dalmatians were trusted with parked carts and horses.

These black and white dogs may require a bit of extensive healthcare. But they bond well with horses.

7.    Australian Shepherd

There are about 16+ types of shepherd dogs. Most shepherd dogs are compatible with horses. The Australian shepherd is one of them.

These dogs are small packs of high energy. They love to play and run around. Therefore, you should only adopt an Australian shepherd if you can provide it enough activity. Do not expect the dog to sit around and do nothing. It may become aggressive.

In terms of health, Australian Shepherd doesn’t demand much. But genetically, dogs are prone to eye diseases and epilepsy. So be wary of parents’ history when adopting an Australian shepherd.

Final Words

There’s more! We’ve only listed the top seven dogs that go along well with horses. But that doesn’t mean these are the only seven dog breeds that befriend horses. There are Great Pyrenees, Welsh Corgi, and many more.


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