The State of Alabama is synonymous with southern charm, rich history, and rural culture. Alabama is also blessed

with warm weather and a beautiful coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. Together, these factors make Alabama the perfect location to invest in a country property, especially if you’re looking for land to ride, raise and keep horses. Here are six reasons to buy horse property in Alabama.


Alabama horse properties are perfect for horseback riding .because of their predominantly flat topography. The ideal land for a horse property is a mix of fields, forests and meadows, giving riders a range of riding experiences. This type of terrain makes equestrian sports easier and safer for both horse and rider

However, simple and safe doesn’t have to mean boring. Whether you purchase a modest horse property or a vast estate, wherever you are in Alabama, there are miles of horse trails nearby providing myriad challenges for all experience levels.

Water Rights

Many Alabama horse properties feature access to rivers, creeks and ponds, which can increase the property value and also make for more interesting riding. Water rights typically come with the land and determine whether you can make changes. For instance, there may be existing bridges over rivers and creeks, or you may add or modify them if permitted. Ponds are also a nice addition to the landscape and can be stocked with fish, which would add fishing to the property’s activities.

Another great way to add fun and value to a horse property is by installing a  swimming pool. A pool is a great way for both the residents and guests to relax and cool off after a horseback ride. In fact, you can find great inground pools Mobile.


Because of Alabama’s long standing equestrian traditions, most horse properties will have existing purpose-built structures on the land. These buildings include barns, sheds and residences. Horse properties in Alabama will also usually have fences built along the property line.

When deciding whether to purchase a horse property, it is your responsibility to understand the zoning regulations. These laws may limit the types of buildings that can be added, and can also limit the type of other animals permitted on the property. It is possible, though, to find un-zoned land.


One of the best reasons for purchasing a horse property in Alabama is privacy. Most horse properties are in rural areas for the benefit of the horses and owners. In addition to having unspoiled land to go horseback riding in, your closest neighbors could be several acres away.

The distance between properties gives you your own space and solitude when you want it, while also making your property the perfect place to host equestrian events or entertain guests without the intrusions of city lights and noise.


When you purchase horse property in Alabama, you become a participant in the states long equestrian tradition. Horses have been part of Alabama’s culture since the first European explorers set foot in the region.

were originally used primarily for transportation and farm work. Now they are celebrated in riding clubs at Alabama’s universities and in statewide equestrian associations. Furthermore, by taking care of horses, you will join a community of horse enthusiasts that significantly contribute to the state’s economy.


Owning a horse property is challenging, but also rewarding. From the day-to-day chores of looking after the horses and maintaining the buildings to the less glamorous but just as necessary bookkeeping, running a horse property takes work. The good news is that horse farms in Alabama are a good investment.

One way to increase the value of your horse property is by expansion. This includes adding to the property if contiguous acres become available, building new residential buildings and indoor riding facilities and increasing commercial use if desired.

If you don’t dream of turning your horse property into a business, simply maintain it and keep it in the family.

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