Checking the weather every morning and the predictions on your mobile phone is part of horse ownership in life. You’ll also find yourself booking holidays and looking at the competition schedule regularly to make money and have fun. Owning horses is exciting but what if it starts to bore you? What if you start going to the yard because you have nothing else to do?

Owning a horse has its pros and cons. Horse owners should feel privileged to be responsible for the care and life of their horses. It’s always important for horse owners to figure out whether they are able to give their horses quality care and adequate time. Horses demand a lot of care and attention.

Neglecting them just because you don’t like them anymore will feel like torture to them. Owning horses demands a lot of money in the long run. Therefore, it is important for you to figure out if you’ll be able to handle horses over the long term.

If you’ve made up your mind that breaking away from your horses, you need to consider these five options first before proceeding to sell them quickly.

Try a full loan

If you will be comfortable doing a few weeks off, it’s best to look for a loaner. Having a loaner will enable you to benefit from some downtime while your horse gets the exercise and attention it needs. It’s also a good idea to ask for financial contributions to take the pressure off your budget and finances.

Before agreeing to this, it would be best if you consulted your lawyer to avoid future disagreements with the parties involved.

If you think you’ll need a bigger break than a few weeks and selling isn’t possible, you can consider loaning your horse fully. You’ll still be in control of his future however, you’ll not be responsible for the daily riding and care that your horse will need.

This is one of the best ways to test the waters and find out if you really want to sell your horses and live your entire life without them. You should be cautious when checking the suitability of your loan home. Creating a legal contract is important so that both parties understand their duties and responsibilities.

Give your horse a holiday

A lot of horse owners turn their horses away due to lack of money, time or motivation. Turning your horse away will definitely relieve your stress and frustrations. If your horse does not need to be managed or restricted while grazing, turning him away will be the best way to take a break without having to sell him.

This option is also great for horses that have health issues and injuries. Taking your time off will definitely have a positive impact not only on you but also on your horse.

Depending on where your horse will be grazing, you’ll still have the responsibility of looking after your horse. However, most barns will provide daily checkups on your horse. This means you’ll only visit when you are needed.

As a horse owner, it’s natural to feel that your time to give up the responsibility of owning a horse has come however, keep in mind that riding a horse has several physical and mental benefits that you should not ignore. Being outdoors and connecting with nature is a major motivation for most riders. Horses have also been known to provide emotional well-being to horse owners especially those with poor health.

Change the barn

Failing to change the horses’ environment can make you lose your motivation and joys of horse riding. Changing your horses’ lifestyle will give you more support, time and facilities. You can consider putting your horse on a pasture.

Most horse owners struggle with the idea of giving up because of important factors like money, time and the feeling of being left out. While your age mates are travelling and having the best times of their lives, you are left behind to look after your horses.

Putting your horse on assisted or grass livery will give some space to focus on the things you really want in life. If you spend so much time riding alone, it could affect you negatively. It’s important to make friends and create relationships with other horse owners. Sometimes, we just need to have some company regularly to truly understand the joys of horse riding.

Find the right horse

Owning a horse that needs to be exercised on a daily basis to keep him healthy and sane will soon change from being a hobby into something that you have to do. Every individual has his or her own commitments in life. Having such a horse means sacrificing a part of your life to take care of him. After a while, you’ll start feeling lazy and tired.

Riding should not be something you force yourself to do. Your horse should easily fit in with your schedule and lifestyle. If he doesn’t, find one that does. If you are a very busy person, look for a horse that does not need to be ridden on a daily basis.

You should consider all the characteristics of a horse before buying him. Remember, you are buying a horse for physical, mental and emotional well-being. You should not buy a horse that will make your life extremely difficult.

Seek help and support

Sometimes, all you need to do is seek help and support that is offered around you. You should consult vets and professional trainers the moment you start feeling tired of riding. Ask them questions and make use of the solutions that you’ll be offered.

At times, a difficult horse may just need a change in diet or environment. You cannot know this if you don’t seek help. Before deciding to sell your horse, visit your vet. The advice and recommendations he or she will give you could change your life dramatically.



Owning a horse can be frustrating at times. Like all other pet owners, horse owners deserve a break from time to time. It’s easy for most horse owners to sell their horses while all they needed was a short break.

The tips discussed above will help you know whether you need a break or sell your horses. You certainly don’t want to miss out on the physical, mental and emotional advantages of horse riding. Try what is convenient to you today. Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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