Everyone that has owned a horse has dreamed of an ideal equestrian property. A place where we can enjoy spending time with your horses and where they can live a happy, healthy life. If you plan on creating such a property, we have a few things you need to remember. So, without further ado, here are the top 5 features for your dream horse property.

Top Features for Your Dream Horse Property

It doesn’t take much research to learn that horse properties can vary quite substantially from one another. Depending on location, the number of horses, and the money available, horse properties can have various arenas, facility amenities, and residences. If we were to list all of them, we would need a book, not a single article. So, we’ve decided to focus on the must-have features that every equestrian estate should have. These alone will be the cornerstones of your dream property.


An ideal stable can house all your horses safely and comfortably. The size of horse stalls can differ depending on the type of horses you wish to house. But a 12′ by 12′ booth is enough for any size. . Since we are designing a dream horse property, let’s say you can afford to give your horses some privacy through individual stalls. If you determine that you want to add extra amenities for your horse, you can add Dutch doors, fans, matts, automatic waterers, or fly spray systems.

You should also have at least one extra stall. That way, you can easily rotate your horses while cleaning stalls. The ideal stable should have systems for monitoring air quality, temperature, airflow, and protection from weather and wildlife.


An experienced designer will know how to make your stalls functional and aesthetically pleasing. As a rule, we recommend that you prioritize functionality. After all, a good stall should be easy to use and maintain. But this doesn’t mean that it cannot look good. To simplify everyday duties, you should place windows, stall doors, and in-between walls windows. A creative design idea is to make your stable out of timber and give each stall a different colored finish. Each horse will have a slightly different stall, representing their personality difference.

Grooming area

Grooming is an essential part of running a healthy equestrian property. You should never underestimate the amount of bonding that happens between riders and horses during the grooming process. One of the features of your dream horse property is a grooming area. The grooming area should be large enough so your horse can comfortably get tied. Furthermore, you should have easy-access storage for:

  • Shedding blades and blocks
  • Curry comb
  • Body brushes
  • Soft brushes
  • Mane-and-tail combs/brushes
  • Sweat scraper
  • Hoof pick
  • Shine spray

Ideally, every horse should have its grooming kit within the grooming area or tack room. That way, there won’t be any risk of spreading disease. If for some reason, you choose to use the same grooming kit for multiple horses, you will need to clean it between groomings.

Riding arena

How enjoyable your riding will be is mainly dependent on your riding area (and the behavior of your horse). Yes, you can and should ride your horses outdoors. But, you should have a controlled environment where your horses can have well-drained, soft footing and arena fencing. In the ideal scenario, you would have an indoor and outdoor area. That way, regardless of the weather, your horses can get the exercises to keep them healthy. For your outdoor space, you will have to plan for the following:

  • The base of the riding area
  • The drainage system
  • Materials used for underfoot
  • Fencing and safety
  • Entrance and exit areas

And for your indoor riding area, you will also have to consider ventilation and insulation. One option is to attach your indoor arena to your stables. That way, your horses don’t have to risk any bad weather to get to the riding site.

Tack room

Finally, you would have a dream equestrian property if you didn’t have a fully decked-out tack room. Here you need to safely and accessibly store all the tools and supplies for horse riding and maintenance. As you probably know, there is no end to horse riding and maintenance supplies, from different types of saddles to various covers for horses. If you also count on this clothing and protection you can wear during the ride, your will need quite a large tack room.

Now, storing some of the items outside the equestrian property is possible. For instance, Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas suggest that you pack your winter items and store them in storage units, thus freeing up your property. But, since we are discussing the ideal property, we advise you to plan and ensure that your tack room can safely house all the items. It should be accessible without leaving the stable or the indoor riding area.

Final thoughts

So far, we’ve listed the top five features for your dream horse property. As you’ve likely assumed, there are plenty of other features we cannot cover within a single article. In truth, each feature we’ve mentioned can be an article. So, if you are serious about creating a beautiful equestrian property, we advise you to confer with an experienced professional. They will outline how to make your dream property and how much it will cost to own it. The location, the pastures, and the systems that help run and maintain your property. These all need to be planned for. And if you wish to make your property eco-friendly, there are even more aspects to consider. So, don’t hesitate to do your homework and consult with someone with ample experience.

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