The real estate market is challenging, and there are a variety of potential buyers. However, selling an equestrian property can pose challenges. The acreage, barns, and arenas required for horses can cause the listing price to skyrocket, often to a point that it prices out several potential purchasers. This reduces prospective buyers to a meagre count due to the heavy budget, maintenance and upkeep costs, and the buyer’s interest in a facility setup to suit their specific needs. Due to these challenges, you might need a different approach to sell a horse property. Nevertheless, it can fetch you an attractive price if the property is prepared and marketed properly. Here are some helpful tips for selling a horse property.

Maintain the property well

There is nothing more unappealing than a poorly maintained property, especially when a potential buyer comes on their official visit to the property. Unkept grounds and repairs can make entice buyers to make low-ball offers or walk away altogether. It is essential to ensure that the interior and exterior are cleaned thoroughly and all repairs are done. Ensure that the fencing is in good shape and the barn is maintained well. Cobweb the barn aisles, pick up any manure, add fresh shavings to stalls, and drag any arenas so the footing looks presentable. Moreover, consider applying a fresh coat of paint wherever applicable. Keep the landscaping, exterior grass, and hardscaping (decks, patios, porches and driveways) well maintained, clean and fresh. Remove all your personal items from the outdoor space to allow the buyer to imagine the prospect of them living there. 

Stage the property well

Like with the sales of most other properties, it helps to stage your horse property. When a potential buyer likes what he sees, they will likely to consider it. Creating an appealing set-up before a buyer’s visit can quickly boost sales. Take this time to de-clutter the property. You can also consider shipping off your furniture, amenities, etc., to a storage facility ahead of time. As you are going to move out eventually, it can help to get rid of these things in your property so that it is spacious and clean for a buyer to view.

Include captivating videos

The use of walk-through tours, drones, and 3-D layouts of your property, remarkably elevates the first impression for potential customers. You can walk your buyer through a video tour and present them all the facilities and benefits about your property. Talking and explaining in the video can help the buyer notice everything you want to highlight. Interactive virtual platforms can help you connect with the buyer with the layout of a property. The visual effects of videography, particularly in the form of an interactive virtual experience or video tour, are powerful tools that can enable buyers to connect with your property before laying their eyes on it in person. You can also make video montages with text, voice-overs, and an appropriate song in the background to make your video more pleasant, informative, and catchy with the help of a professional real estate video editor tool, with this tool you can create videos easily.

Take professional photos

Nothing grabs a potential buyer’s attention more than a well-staged photo of a property listing, regardless of whether it is an equestrian property. According to a study performed in 2019 by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 44% of property and house buyers begin with an online search, and most of them skip listings that do not contain any photos of the property. A horse property is likely to attract out-of-state or international buyers and these buyers will have to start their search online or contact a real estate agent for listings. In such cases, it can really help to grab a client’s attention with a professionally-shot, appealing photo. When taking these pictures, make sure you cover the entire property, including the house, barn, arena, outbuildings and land. Professional shots will showcase your property to its best advantage and cover the entire land. You can consider aerial and panoramic shoots  to capture the best shots. You can use a professional camera to achieve the best shots or hire a professional photographer to do the same. An album containing a collection of professional photos can be used to attract any customer who is not available to view the property in person immediately.


Marketing strategies can severely impact sales. Make sure that your marketing campaign has a good reach. Ensure that your property is placed properly on both specialty sites and mainstream listing sites that cater to horse properties. The best marketing channels are those in which equestrian property buyers congregate. Do not ignore the opportunities to reach potential buyers through mail campaigns and advertising at events and shops that they frequently visit. Do not miss the chance to place your horse property up for sale.

There are certain niche websites dedicated to listing equestrian properties for sale like This website ranks highly in Google and attracts a lot of potential buyers looking for an equestrian property. These leads are high quality; thus, they usually are not free of cost. However, it is worth it to get on these websites and get the best chance of selling your land.

Another method to market your property is to use hyper targeting. Here, you get only specific targets and the most interested buyers in the horse property listings. You can do this using pay-per-click (PPC) channels and Google AdWords. Target SEO-friendly keywords like “horse properties for sale in [city name]” or “Equestrian property for sale”. Adding your state to the search term for specificity is a good idea. Hence, you can target people who want to live where your property is located; thus, you will have a higher chance of selling your horse property.


Unlike residential homes, equestrian properties can take longer to sell. Do not feel discouraged while placing your equestrian property up for sale. It can take over 5 months on average. You can shorten this time by creating a sound marketing campaign. Include captivating videos of your property and mention the key highlights. Put up attractive pictures of your property to grab potential buyers. So why wait longer? Follow the above listed tips to get a good catch for your horse property and get going. 

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