Riding horses and caring for them can be dated back to when they were used as transportation during war times to being used on farms. Horseback riding is one of those things that transcends time to become a timeless endeavor.

Horses are one of the most loyal creatures on the planet and need an ample amount of space. Having an indoor arena for your horses to train or roam during those wet, cold winter days or when the weather is simply not suitable to be outside would help immensely to safeguard your horses and give you opportunities to strengthen your bonds further.

However, finding an indoor arena, or finding the land to build an indoor, may require you to see the advice of a trusted real estate advisor in order to get the best perspective on the value and longevity of a property

With that being said, here are five reasons having an indoor arena on your property will benefit you.


1. Reduced Risk of Injury


Creating a controlled environment where you and your horse can safely train through it all, regardless of rain or shine, becomes a considerable boost.

Having an arena is essential in developing and strengthening your bond with your horse and aligning yourself with your competition in the safest way possible.

Many arenas will have padded or kick walls installed as a safety buffer. These walls prevent riders from being crushed during accidents or horses from injury during an unexpected collision.

The floors of an arena are evened and laid out in a way that allows both the horse and rider a lower chance of injury during runs. Along with that, an arena can be designed in a multitude of ways, and having proper lighting ensures visual clarity regardless of the weather of lighting outside.

A well-ventilated arena ensures fresh and breathable air as opposed to a completely closed-off one. It can also be designed to ensure there are safety exits designed as per the owner’s needs to ensure the safety of themselves and their horses.


2. Calm And Comfort


An arena, especially one with stables attached, provides horses comfort and a calm area to train and run around during all seasons under most conditions.

Having a covered, calm and familiar place to allow your horses to train without distractions and strive for uninterrupted peak performance.


3. Keeping Busy


As mentioned before, having an indoor arena allows you to train uninterrupted and throughout all hours of the day. Having more hours at hand can also allow you to take on more horses or a client’s horse to hire out your arena to use.


4. Opportunities To Hire Out Your Arena


Having an indoor arena can not only be a benefit to your horses and their training but can also be used as an opportunity for you to increase your income. Not every horse rider has the means or space to build an arena to train their horses, and as such many riders may look to hire out an arena when the weather calls for it.

Hourly hire-outs or hire-out for a day can help you increase your income. If your arena is set up to run a competition, you can get in touch with pony clubs, show jumping, adult riding, and dressage to see if they are interested in using your property to host a show or event.

Doing this will bring exposure to your property, and it gives riders the opportunity to test out your arena to see if they’d be interested in hiring it again in the future.


5. Increases Property Value


Building an indoor arena is a huge investment, but it’s not one that doesn’t come with its own perks. Adding on to your property, especially one designed around training and caring for horses, gives that property a unique outlook to outsiders.

The majority of the property’s purpose is apparent, and it can set your property apart from the rest if you ever decide to sell it. Having an indoor arena can only increase the value since it adds to the purpose of the property.




An indoor arena is a purposeful investment that benefits your riders and horses. It creates a safe environment for your horses to train uninterrupted at all hours and through most weather conditions.

Having and maintaining an indoor arena can also make way for some additional income. Furthermore, though it may not be your reason for building an indoor arena, its value certainly stacks up in the long run.

Caring for and training horses is the ultimate goal in building an indoor arena, and with the benefits and safety it provides, it does just that.


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