Back when life was simpler and things moved slower, people used to live a healthier life, despite the fact that many illnesses were incurable. Men were stronger than today, despite our numerous and luxurious gyms.

One of the main reasons why back then the quality of life was higher was because of one complex activity – horse riding. You see, horse riding was a mean to travel, a mean to entertain, was mean to relax, and it was a sport. Basically, horse riding was one of the best ways to spend your time.

Of course, back then, people weren’t really aware that horse riding has numerous benefits, but this doesn’t mean that they didn’t leverage them. Most men had an impeccable posture and they were fit, healthy, confident, and with their mind at peace.

And it was all thanks to one pleasant activity, horse riding.

It sounds amazing – one activity to solve a dozen problems. That’s why students need the most to practice horse riding. Staying all day on the chair writing and studying destroys one’s posture.

The stress is messing up with their mental health. The professors can really damage the student’s self-esteem, and with everything that’s going on, they barely have time to think about their physical health.

Horse riding can be the key to all the problems a student can have – maybe except money problems. 

1.     Physical Benefits

Well, the physical benefits are the most obvious one, but this doesn’t make them less important because horse riding comes with amazing benefits for your body. You may wonder how amazing and many can the physical benefits of horse riding be as the horse is doing the main part of the job. Well, you got it wrong.

In horse riding, the horse is the muscles while you’re the brains – and we all know that the brain is actually doing the hardest part. But to control a horse requires muscles too. Anyhow, horse riding doesn’t only improve your looks. As I said, it has dozens of benefits. Here are most of them:

·         It improves your: balance, coordination, motor functions, joint mobility, cardiovascular system, blood circulation, the stimulation of sensory integration, visual perception of the space

·         It strengthens your: muscles, reflex acceleration, the prevention of muscle cramps

·         It stimulates the liver function and digestion

·         You burn around 5 calories/minute (300 calories/hour) depending on the intensity of the training

2.    Mental Benefits

The average student is dealing with stressful situations almost every day, and the stress level is even higher during the exams period. Unfortunately, since they barely find time to live, they barely have time to think about their mental health and at ways to deal with stress.

Horse riding doesn’t have only amazing physical benefits, but also several mental benefits that could totally change your life.

A student mind needs a lot of rest and recreational activities after hours of constant study. Horse riding is probably the best recreational activity for your mind because when you’re riding a horse, your mind stops worrying about tomorrow’s exams and dramas.

When you’re riding a horse all your focus should revolve around on this activity in order to control the horse effectively. Therefore, from the moment you’re horse riding, all your problems will go away for several hours.

For around 2 hours you’ll live fully in the present moment, which is a type of meditation actually – the most effective type of meditation for overcoming stress, depression, and anxiety.

As well, horse riding requires spending time in nature, in a place where the air is way more fresh and clean, and, obviously, connecting with the horse.

Just spending time in nature alone can give you a better mental state, but the connection human-animal does wonders in our minds and hearts.

Horses are maybe the purest animals on earth and taking care of them, bonding with them, and experiencing the love from a horse can give you the most wonderful feeling in the world.

That’s why, after a long study day, horse riding may be all the medicine you need to keep your mental health in check.

But horse riding is not all about recreation, horse riding is also improving your problem-solving skills and quick thinking. Just think about it – when you’re riding a horse you have to think fast how to overcome the next obstacle.

3.    Boosts Your Confidence

Some teachers have this special gift to make you feel like your efforts are never enough and that you’ll never be good enough. But grades have the same effect on students. That’s why many students lack self-esteem.

Now, you probably wonder how horse riding can boost your confidence. Well, if you’re not confident, there’s no way you can control such a big animal as a horse is.

Therefore, once you learn to control the horse better and better, you gain more and more trust in yourself and your powers.

As well, horse riding is an activity about achieving your goals and exceeding your limits, so the more goals you achieve and limits you exceed, the more confident you become. Confidence is realizing how powerful you really are and always trusting that you are capable to do anything you want to.

Every student could use this reminder and should make confidence their best friend. And there’s no better way to do this than through horse riding.

4.    Improves Your Posture

Student life requires long study hours on the same old chair from your room or from the library – an aspect that can seriously damage your posture and your back health.

Having and keeping a proper posture can be very difficult, especially for students. Of course, there are lots of exercises you can do, at home or at the gym.

A good posture comes almost naturally in horse riding, and a proper posture always looks good and healthy. 

5.     Tones the Muscles

Even though it looks like there’s not much physical involvement when you’re riding a horse, it doesn’t mean it really isn’t. Actually, horse riding is the best physical activity to tone your muscles.

When you’re riding a horse you use a lot of muscles: core muscles, pelvic muscles, inner things, and more, since controlling a horse requires a lot of strength and flexibility in our arms muscles.

Horse riding is a physical activity as efficient as going to the gym in terms of exercising, but the gym is a combination of more exercises, while horse riding is one activity. Therefore, only through horse riding you can tone your muscles and improve your flexibility, balance, and posture at the same time.


Before technology kicked in and cars became the new craze, people used to travel by riding horses. Now, we can travel faster but we’re not as healthy as we used to be. Horse riding comes with a lot of health benefits, as you can see, and they don’t pollute.

Thankfully, horse riding is still a thing and it can be still practiced. Horse riding is a very complex activity, maybe the most complex activity, that’s why students should leverage it the most.

As a student, time is a luxury, and several hours of horse riding every week are spareable for your mental and physical health. Students are dealing with stress more than should be normal, that’s why horse riding is the perfect activity for any stressed-out, time lacking student.

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