When starting a home improvement project, you will most likely have to hire a contractor. Contractors can be expensive and trying to save on costs can be challenging. To ensure that you save as much money as possible, here are a few ways that you can decrease the price of contract work.

Choose a Credible Contractor

              Before beginning a project, it is your responsibility to check the credibility of possible contractors. Verify their experience and visit their completed projects. Contact the homeowners of their past projects and see if you can view the work of the contractor. Make sure that the quality of the work they produced is what you are expecting. Also check with the homeowner to verify that the contractor was easy to work with and reliable.

If you choose to hire a less experienced contractor to save money, be aware of the precautions. There is likelihood that they will work at a slower pace and produce lower quality work. You also face a greater risk for improperly installed items and more repairs required in the future.

Compare BidsCompare the bids

It is hard to ensure that you are being offered a fair price when you only receive one estimate from one contractor. Most professionals recommend receiving at least three bids from different contractors. If you let contractors know that you are comparing bids, they are often willing to negotiate their price if they know they are competing for work. Always remember that it is your money, and if you are about to begin a large project, you have no money to waste.

Get Everything in Writing

In cGet everything in writingase you run into any trouble, you will want to have proof of deadlines and expectations that were decided upon by you and your contractor. When composing your contractual document, include as many details as possible. It is important to include details such as the beginning and end date (even if estimated), material that will be used, the negotiated price of the contracted work, who will complete the work, the requirements for specific tasks, and any warranties on services and materials.

Time Variability

              The price of contract work varies by season. If you are willing to construct your project during the slow season, you are more likely to receive a lower bid. When less work is available, contractors are typically more willing to negotiate on prices, too.

Purchase Materials Yourself

Contractors typically buy their materials from one supplier, meaning that you are not necessarily receiving the lowest price. By buying the materials yourself, you can compare prices and make sure that you are receiving the best deal. Additionally, sometimes contractors buy materials that are slightly different from what you want. Whether the quality of floor tiles or the stain for the front door, buying the materials yourself guarantees that you will receive exactly what you want.

Be Polite

Consider your contractor a co-worker. By treating your contractor with respect and appreciation, they will be more inclined to help you save money and discuss various deadlines, issues, and decisions.

Written By Anna Hellman


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