Buying a new property is exciting. Yet the excitement usually fades when you realize that you must also sell your old property. They’re a few ways that the selling process can be made easier. Since the majority of new potential buyers will see your property through a listing, it is important that your listing is well done. So here are a few tips to make sure your listing is flawless.

  1. Did you choose the best agent for your property?

Typically listing agents are in abundance so choosing the proper individual can be challenging. As a seller, interviewing multiple agents before listing your property is extremely important.

  • Your agent will be the face of your property. During the interview, make sure the agent gives off a positive first impression. When your potential buyers come to tour the house, they will also judge the first impressions of your agent, so make sure they are good!
  • Also make sure your agent is enthusiastic about selling your property. Often enthusiastic, determined agents are willing to 3 tips to know when listing your propertyput extra effort into ensuring that a property sells.
  • Choose an agent that sells properties similar to yours. For example, an agent that only sells agricultural properties might not be very knowledgeable about the market of residential properties. Most likely, that agricultural listing agent would inaccurately value your property and struggle to effectively reach potential buyers.
  • Be selective about the advice/suggestions you receive. Many friends, family members, and neighbors want to help you sell your property. Yet some individuals may not have the most updated information/references. Do not choose one realtor just because a friend recommended them. Instead, do your research and interviews to verify they are the best choice.


  1. How valuable is your listing description?

Buyers often judge the word choice, grammar usage, and spelling of property descriptions. If the listing is written poorly enough, it will deter potential buyers.

  • When considering different listing agents, look at the listing descriptions of their current properties. These descriptions will allow you to evaluate their writing abilities and foreshadow how your potential buyers would be informed about your property.Compare the bids
  • After choosing an agent, if you find any writing mistakes within your property description, feel free to suggest these change to your listing agent. If you are noticing mistakes, your buyers probably are too.
  • If you have strong writing skills and are particular about your listing description, then feel free to write it yourself.


  1. Is your property accurately valued?

You must verify that your property is being correctly valued too. Check the recent sales of comparable properties within your area before meeting with your listing agent.

  • To estimate the best value of your property, try to find comparable sales that have the same amount of bath & bedrooms, similar lot sizes, and relative improvements & amenities.
  • Have a relative idea of your estimated property value before meeting with your agent. Your estimated property value will give you an idea about what to expect from your listing agent. Plus you will be more educated about the local market of your property.
  • If you know your property has major issues, let your listing agent know. Large issues, such as termites or mold, will significantly affect the value of your property. Some agents recommend conducting a presale inspection to determine the loss of value to the property due to any major issues.

By Anna Hellman



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