Horses have long been man’s devoted companions and helpers. They died in battles alongside their riders, helped to farm the land, transported cargo, and travelled hundreds of kilometres for years. In recent years, they have evolved into expensive toys rather than transport. Nonetheless, people’s relationships with horses can still be very touching and deep. This is evident in the works of well-known authors.

Books are fantastic. They keep secrets and tell readers about the most important things a person should learn in his life. Books about horses are no exception. They introduce readers to the world of nobility and friendship between man and these magnificent creatures.

It may take some time to search through the best websites for the best book to read. That is why we have compiled a list of the top ten books about horses that you should not miss reading.

What Are Some Good Horse Books To Read?

According to statistics, book sales have significantly increased during the pandemic. Some people prefer to read printed books, while others prefer to read online. As of today, one can find books about everything, from equestrian estate launch up to horse property management.

Have you decided on a book to read this evening? If not, look through the list of the books about horse farm life and their daily adventures that top the ratings.

1. From the Horse’s Point of View

  • Author: Debbie Steglic
  • Year: 2019

Writing books about horses necessitates a significant amount of effort, knowledge, and experience. Not only are writing skills required here but so is a thorough understanding of the subject.

It is only possible to do so through direct communication with these amazing creatures. If you have any questions about the proper design of the material, you can get in touch with Trust My Paper for assistance.

The book discusses the main issues that arise in the partnership between horse and man. Debbie Steglik, the book’s author, is a talented equestrian instructor with extensive experience communicating with horses. She provides many helpful tips in her book on how to build effective communication using both verbal and nonverbal means.

2. The Complete Book of Horses

  • Author: Debby Sly
  • Year: 2018

This book is a horsemanship manual. It contains over 1500 illustrations of horse breeds from around the world, instructions on how to properly saddle and ride a horse, and information on all equipment for both horses and riders, making riding a pleasurable experience.

3. The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse

  • Author: Charlie Mackesy
  • Year: 2019

This book tells the story of four best friends on an adventure that inspires readers to consider the truly important things in life. Thanks to its deep messages, the book became a best-seller in quite a short time.

The book invites you to join the adventure of Charlie and his four friends, learn about their history, and consider the important lessons they have learned in life. The scenes of conversations between a boy, a mole, a fox, and a horse have become so popular that they have been published and distributed thousands of times on the Internet, recreated in art classes, displayed on the walls of children’s hospitals, and even inspired tattoo artists.

4. Animalkind

  • Authors: Ingrid Newkirk, Gene Stone
  • Year: 2020

The story of the book is similar to a tour to the horses’ life on the farm, their relationship with the owner, and unique ways that allow people to avoid consumer relationships with animals. Authors show readers what they can do in their own lives to protect the animal world.

In their book, the authors reveal ways to replace our usual animal-derived items with alternatives, such as animal wool with a warmer and lighter fleece, etc.

5. Horses Never Lie: The Heart of Passive Leadership

  • Author: Mark Rashid
  • Year: 2015

In his book, the author teaches the fundamental principles of developing relationships with horses. He suggests viewing the world through the eyes and beliefs of a horse. The author assists in making the horse owner a passive leader and transforming the relationship into an exciting collaboration through passive leadership.

Throughout the book, the author describes dozens of horses and riders and how passive leadership helped them improve their relationships. Mark methodically explains how he assisted a specific horse in developing a bond with its owner.

6. Anne Kursinski’s Riding and Jumping Clinic

  • Author: Anne Kursinski
  • Year: 2011

This book is a manual that includes many consecutive photographs and descriptions of key elements of the riding technique of the best American riders. Reading it will be beneficial for riders who want to improve their riding skills, polish them to perfection, and become competitive athletes in this niche.

In recent years, she has established herself as one of the most in-demand riding instructors in the country. The book outlines the primary elements of her riding technique, practical advice for mastery, and even some of her secrets.

7. Wild Horses of the Summer Sun: A Memoir of Iceland

  • Author: Tory Bilski
  • Year: 2019

It is a fascinating story about the adventures and friendship of women riding Icelandic horses. They meet every June to pave the way to northern Iceland, near the Greenland Sea.

They leave their routine lives and move to live on an extraordinary horse farm on the outskirts of the world. They are all different in their real lives. However, they have one thing in common – a passion for Icelandic horses.

8. Horse of My Dreams

  • Author: Callie Smith Grant
  • Year: 2019

No matter how many friends you have, you will eventually find yourself alone with your problems. It is at such times that life sends animals, specifically horses, into people’s lives.

For more than ten years, the author has been helping people understand animals more deeply through her collections of horse stories. This book is a spiritual collection of stories about majestic, calming, and inspiring horses.

9. The Original Horse Bible

  • Authors: Moira C. Reeve, Sharon Biggs
  • Year: 2011

This book is the most comprehensive collection dedicated to horses. It describes the relationship between people and horses. The collection includes many illustrations by world-renowned photographer Bob Langres.

It is a guide to developing relationships with horses that contains fascinating topics that reveal the evolution of human-horse communication. Also, the book contains a guide on the anatomy and physiology of the horse, which includes a detailed description of its bodily system, feelings, movement, skin, and colour patterns.

10. Black Stallion Adventures

  • Author: Walter Farley
  • Year: 2005

Fascinating stories about horses by Walter Farley teach the reader about the courage, adventure, and survival instincts of horses. The stories will captivate both adults and younger readers.

The following books are included in the adventure set:

  • The Black Stallion;
  • The Black Stallion Returns;
  • The Black Stallion Revolts;
  • The Black Stallion’s Ghost.

Purchasing books in the modern world is easy. On the other hand, finding a truly fascinating story that will transport you to a fantastic world of adventure and discovery is quite a challenging task. To save your time and effort, choose one of the books about horses listed above, and you will undoubtedly be pleased with this decision.


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