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Superb Equine Facilities in Great Location.

Bradford, Anderson County , Texas

hay barn • 12 Run-in stalls

Property description

--1/4 mile from Texas State Highway 19, close to highway but far enough for privacy & peaceful living

--paved road in front of the property and small county road on East side

--multiple stores/shopping: Athens TX 14 miles north and Palestine TX 15 miles south, three additional places to shop within 7 miles

--hospitals: there are two newer hospitals with helicopter pads, one is 14 miles and the other is 17 miles

--excellent 4 lane highway to Dallas/Fort Worth

--80 miles to Dallas and 160 miles to Houston (Houston is nearly straight South)

--equine veterinarian is at the end of my private driveway and another equine vet clinic is 14 miles to the north

--driveway is 1/3 of a mile long to provide privacy and solitude

--there is an excellent rural water system that provides clean safe water

--I purchased an oversized water meter and put in 2,000ft of 1.5" pipe, water pressure and volume are very good

--10 concrete [ permanent--1200# ] water tanks, in the pastures with underground lines to each, controls are in one location by the main barn

--there are two cell towers within two miles, consequently cell phone service is excellent

***Climate, Rainfall***

--historical annual rainfall is 45 inches per year, grass and trees grow rapidly

--winters are not cold, winter grasses (rye cereal grain) can be seeded in October to provide winter grazing

--property is too far south to be included in the area for periodic winds, hail and tornadoes from OK and Kansas that severally affect Dallas, not here...also snow may appear every couple of years, there was two light snows that did not cover the ground during a 5 year period followed by a 10 inch snow storm (very rare) in February 2021


...I have never seen a poisonous snake or a scorpion on this property, 1 to 5 harmless snakes per year

...there is a very minimal number of mosquitoes [actually I have not seen a mosquito in 3 years] and flies [primarily due to live micro-organisms that I had spread on my property, 4 applications in 2 years] and have not put any chemicals/fertilizers [ORGANIC] on the land in 15 years, soil is naturally healthy!

...the primary wildlife consists of deer, geese, ducks and wild hogs

...there is no state income tax in Texas sales tax on anything purchased for the farm (tools, supplies, lumber, repairs et cetera) state and federal taxes on farm fuel for tractors et cetera

THIS OFFERING IS SUBJECT TO WITHDRAWAL, PRICE AND INCLUSION MODIFICATIONS, ALL OFFERS CAN BE REJECTED. Information provided is believed to be accurate, however it is the responsibility of the Purchaser to investigate and verify all information pertaining to this offering.


Lot Features

  • ***Land and Pastures***
  • --total of 131.667 acres, 53.31 hectares
  • --the pastures are all organic coastal Bermuda grass, great for grazing, 2-3 acres will feed a horse, there are large scattered oak trees throughout the countryside
  • --8 primary pastures, 4 on each side [east & west] of the property that have 16 foot wide fence lanes leading to 2 barns, consequently horses come to "their barn stalls" for grain without being haltered, fast efficient and safe
  • --the soil was treated with live microorganisms twice in 2007 and twice again in 2008, the soil is now naturally healthy, as a result of the treatments...pastures and hay field are all organic, 90% of the flies are eliminated due to the treatments and the soil holds moisture due to organic matter that has built up in the soil over the years, no fertilizer/chemicals applied in 16 years-massive cost savings
  • --there are 4 stallion pastures connected to the stud barn with four 12x16 ft stalls
  • --one large L shaped 44 acre pasture with 3 ponds, large area provides opportunity for a race track etcetera
  • --the soil is sandy loam without rocks, perfect for horses
  • --there are 4 ponds on the land that always have water
  • --beautiful rolling terrain that gives the horses excellent exercise
  • --facilities all set on top of a big hill (can see 4 to 7 miles in all directions, there is a 180 degree view for 4-7 miles and nothing man made is visible but giant rolling ridges of oak trees), most of the horses are visible in their pastures from the hilltop--MILLION DOLLAR HILL
  • --the hill provides for excellent summer breezes that makes the temperature cooler and also reduces insects

Horse Facility Features

  • Equine Improvements and Inclusions
  • main barn..............3060sf [includes heated/AC vet room with bath/shower etc]
  • mare motel............4608sf
  • stud barn...............1368sf
  • shop......................3750sf [includes heated/AC room with bath/shower etc, kitchen area]
  • awning on shop.....825sf [great for hay storage]
  • 5 miles of the highest quality horse fencing, will literally last 100 years
  • 131.667 acres
  • --everything was built new in 2007 (driveway, electricity, water system, buildings, fencing)
  • --the fencing will last 100 years with the type of materials used and installation methods
  • --water is piped underground to concrete water tanks [210 gallons/1200#] in 8 pastures, barns and shop
  • --the barns are quality built, ceiling are insulated, windows are low E double pane, the 12 stalls in the mare motel are 14ft X 16ft, stalls in the stud barn are 12ft X 16ft
  • --the fully insulated shop is 50ft X 75ft, 12ft X 14ft roll up insulated doors to permit a semi load of hay to drive through, there is an area inside the shop that is heated and air conditioned, kitchen and bathroom for extra living quarters...could be easily expanded to 1200SF
  • --veterinary room is in the front barn, it has a bathroom, heated and air conditioned, 26 cubic ft refrigerator/freezer
  • --there is a double set of veterinary stocks in the front barn with a floor drain and hot and cold water, next to collection phantom and teasing area
  • --included: adjustable breeding phantom for collection semen, located in the front barn near the teasing area, stocks and vet room
  • Partial list of the personal property inclusions - IF PURCHASED AS A TURN KEY OPERATION:
  • ***approximately 25-30 SE Arabian horses (subject to prior sales), Seller will retain about 12 to 15 horses
  • ------NOTE: review the 45 horse videos on my web site, they are more representative than the photos of their quality
  • ***horse equipment and supplies (halters/leads, vet supplies, medicines, forks, shovels, vet stocks, incubator, et cetera
  • ***4WD John Deere tractor /JD loader/6ft bucket & bale forks (will lift 2,100+#), 15 ft batwing mower, trailers, post auger etc
  • ***very significant amount of power and hand tools, welders, chain saws, table saw, chop saw and equipment for repairs, testing and maintenance
  • ***appliances, TV, parts, supplies etc etc
  • ***EVERYTHING PLUS more to operate this farm and care for the horses


  • 15 miles to schools
  • 16 miles to airports
  • 14 miles to hospitals
  • 2 miles to shopping

Information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Buyer to verify all information


X6GJ+MX Bradford, Bradford, Anderson County, Texas




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