Active Horse Sanctuary For Sale in Braceville, Ohio

Leavittsburg, Trumbull County , Ohio

hay barn • fenced • 1 barn with 9 stalls

Property description

Make no mistake about the listing for sale. It is an “Active Horse Sanctuary”, located in Braceville, not Leavittsburg, in Trumbull County, Ohio! Lets be clear, very clear Braceville is far different than Leavittsburg. Therefore, we have been instructed by the owner to only talk to those prospects that will at least consider continuing the work that has been the driving force of the property sine 1905, but not exclusively horse people. Accordingly, we are pleased to present a farm designed and operated for the many horses that have been abandoned, abused or cast aside by their owners. With that, we add respectively "Once you have tasted life at Canterbury, once you have reached inside and touched the soul of an abused horse and felt its pain then witnessed its recovery and its return to trusting again because of your actions, your compassion, and most of all your unquestionable love and dedication, its impossible to realize happiness any where else in this world. So be careful what you wish for, becsuse the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence, but rather, there is simply. and all to often. no grass at all.
Said property is located on the banks of the Eagle Creek River in the southwestern section of Trumbull County, in the great state of Ohio. Thru the decades, it has been home for, well over 100 years, many old and unwanted horses, horses that are now a part of its fabric – its history. A farm where four generations of carrying humans have looked after and cared for the needy and unwanted, the abused and the forgotten - those creatures that just got lost along the road of life and now call home – their last home on the Earth. It has been a proud farm, a place where horses call the next best place this side of heaven and a place where all their dreams now come true.
Long before the term “Horse Sanctuary” was attached, and yes exploited, the old farm prevailed and has stood the test of time and the ever changing economies of scale. And yet, today begins a new chapter, perhaps the final chapter for the old farm as we search for a new owner, a new spirit and a person and/or family willing to carry on the tradition that began so long ago – someone’s whose passion is rooted deep within the soul of Equus.
For decades this thirteen plus acre farm has been home to numerous rescued horses. Some were champions, but all were lost souls and unwanted spirits. Accommodations include nine (9) luxury stalls with separate 12x24 foot porches/run outs, four grazing pastures, multiple hay fields, while boasting riding/walking trails and lets not overlook a slow moving river for those romantic midnight swims. Also. the total dollar yearly amount for both properties in taxe is $816.00 per year, amazingly affordable. As a passing thought so will leave this section with an excerpt from his seventh novel, "Unrealistic Transitions"....With clarity and passion her stand alone front page piece framed the prior days' events then put it all into the proper context according to those that poudly display with honor their gender...
To All those who carry the XX Amelogenin. To all those women that dream of passion, to all those women that search for honesty, and for all of us who will settle for only fleeting moments of humility and honor during our lifetime, yesterday many of us witnessed greatness, perhaps for the first and very last time. For you see, it was an event that will stay with me for the rest of my life. An event that is now and forever more etched in my mind, deeply anchored in my heart and has now settle into the mystic of my soul. It was an event witnessed by those of us that now refer to it as simply --- "The Kiss". For those fortunate souls who stood in awe and witnessed the spontaneous actions of a tall, stunningly beautiful, model type woman from California as her actions were instantly transported throughout the massive campus of The University of Notre Dame in a millisecond, it was as if we all entered a dream like state. It was as if every standing female simultaneously picked up on it majesty, its resolve, its message and it intentions as we too felt the final release of honesty displayed by this foreign Goddesses heart and spirt. Oh yes, make no mistake about the selection of words. I do mean Goddess. For this classy young woman, a new student, set this university's most celebrated and highly desirable Olympic Champion Athlete on fire with just her kiss, the one kiss he may never fully recover from and a kiss that he will spend the rest of his life trying to duplicate --trying to regain its passion. And yet, when we finally graduate from this University of tradition and honor, we will take with us many memories and fleeting moments of honestly, but yesterday will remain deeply etched in my mind, my heart and especially in my soul, because of this foreign born coed and her auctions. For that I'm left with only one reply --- she was I said "Simply Unbeliveable".


Home Features

  • The house is a century home, a house built after the Civil War then rebuilt in 1915. Candidly, although currently in the process of a major face lift that is now half way finished, we are no longer working towards completion. The owner has stated that ‘Anything a hundred years old holds not much purpose anymore, therefore, the house is now relegated to the “free category” and joins the farm equipment in this offering package. In the final analysis, the offer includes the land and the barn – the house is packages along with the equipment with the property.....Another excerpt from "Improbable Compromise, the owners second novel to set the stage...
  • As the newly born, copper colored, little filly walked out of the rescue trailer that bright sunny morning and stood in front of her, that is when it all made perfect sense. At first sight, a little voice from the back of her mind spoke clearly, ever so softly when it echoed; you told yourself, that morning, the morning you lost Lady Ashley, the morning she left this world and began her long journey to heaven - Never Again. But through the mystic haze of so many tears and perfect memories, she heard another voice from above as her mind began drifting to a far different place. That evening as Connie St Cloud sat in the barn holding her new little Lady Ashley" head while rubbing her face as she fell deeply asleep, her thoughts were of Taylor Mowen. With tears running down her face she wondered if he was looking down on her tonight. Then with a fleeting smile and a pain in her soul she whispered softly from her heart. Did you send this little filly to me today Taylor? Was it your way of telling me that this place, this farm, this part of the country and most of all that all the horses that come her are my family, now and forever? And, is it your way of letting me know that you are finally at the end of your long and painful journey and you are now standing next to Catherine, your beloved wife, lover and best friend from mortal life!
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Lot Features

  • As for the ever so important Mineral Rights, they stay with the property plus noted farm equipment to make the transition smoother and setting the new owners on a good path right away. Sunday lookers and land sharks seeking a quick kill or a cash cow to flip “Need Not Apply”. Those searching for a “Hunting Property, a recreation property or a party center will be shunned emphatically. Especially those business people dripping in the language rooted in canards and delivered with a forked tongue. For you see, the owner is a retired network broadcast executive, a published author, a recluse and a horse lover that owns several western properties all designed to accommodate wayward horses, wild Mustangs, and other four legged creatures that just got lost along the road of life and are now traveling down their own personal trail of tears. So for those compelled to inquire as to the price or make a low ball offer, then simply stated, you cannot afford this property or this style of life. As for the property, the rural township where the farm is located is called Braceville, and it is zoned agricultural! It’s people are good, honest and hard-working folks. As for the makeup of the property, it currently offers nine (9) acres of pasture land and five (5) acres of wood areas plus or minus, but make no mistake about it, the barn alone will take your breath away, the land will renew your spirit, and its gentle life style will gently pull at your heart strings until they nearly break – then its many horses will lift your spirit and leave you with such a becoming smile. So we say come and visit, walk in the pastures, talk to the horses, stand in their presence… and briefly touch their souls. Then let your emotions run wild no fences, no worries and no boundaries, but beware, you may never want to leave – you may just stay a lifetime as I have. Caveat Emptar!!! Money alone will never buy this hallowed ground of Equus. So dig deep into your heart, analyze your true wants, needs and desires before you make that call or send that e-mail. After all, it is by “Appointment Only”. and that is why we say, “Many Call, But Few Are Chosen”. With that collection of thoughts, we will leave you with a excerpt from his second novel...With every passing day, their lives together grew stronger, their bond became tighter and their love for each other never failed; that is until the final day, the last event of her life, the moment just before she drew her last breath and said her final words. With one last look into his emerald green eyes, she whispered softly as he held her in his arms for the very last time as a mortal man and said, Thank you Taylor! Thank you for a wonderful life, thank you for making all my dreams come true, every minute every hour of every day we were together. With her last fading smile and eyes sparkling with tears, she slipped away, out of his everyday life, this time forever. Without Catherine, Taylor Mowen knew in his heart everything had to continue, for it must, because it was her last wish and he would not fail the one woman he loved with every beat of his heart, every whisper of his voice and every gaze from deep inside those enchanting eyes of hers. But deep inside his spirit he understood, without Catherine, he would lose his will to continue and his desire to exist. It was now only a matter of time. The above excerpt is from the novel, his second novel titled "Improbable Compromise". We incuded this excerpt because the owner/writer told us that all his words, inspirations and stories come to him while in the barn with his horses. He said, this barn is a magical place for those with a heart ...Now isn't that amazing!

Horse Facility Features

  • Fyi...Due to the sheer numbers of interested people, highly qualified people, please, do not ask for or request additional information and or photographs. We have supplied every thing we have on the property as posted above. Thank you and we wish you luck in your search. In addition, emails absent a phone number will not reveive consideration.
  • ...."Once upon a time. two perfect little girls that were once lost, held my heart so carefully, so tenderly and so honesty and told me they would love me forever. For those fleeting years when they were just beginning their long and glorious journey into womanhood, they made me feel as if I was a super nova, burning ever so brightly, riding the thermals of the jet stream of life, because my two little girls, my daughters, loved me with all their hearts and souls and called me...their Daddy. This excerpt is from the fifth novel title "Grey Wolf Cries".
  • To date, we have met with some wonderful people searching for a grand barn and property, many were horse riders not horse lovers and for those kind hearted women we spoke with this past fall we will leave you with another excerpt from "Grey Wolf Cries."...I may not have brought them into this world, but I will leave this earth, this life, with there names on my lips and their memories deeply embedded into my spirit. For only a daughter can touch a father's soul with such passion, such resolve and with so much honesty. And only a daughter can ease his pain when life finally comes ---full circle. The following is from "Anticipated Silence"...This is a story filled with promise and yet deeply held pain. A story of one little girl who lived in silence and how her life changed forever the morning she first stepped into the big yellow school bus. For on that morning she met a special young boy, perhaps an angel, who would set her on an unbelievable odyssey, a journey that lasted a lifetime. And so, if you believe miricles, if your hear is pure and beats a rhythmic cadence of compassion, then "Anticipated Silence" will take your breath away and renew your spirit --- perhaps, for the veime. The above excerpt is found in the owners third novel that well become available in two week, but let us give fare notice, you'll need good box of Kleenex.
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  • 1 miles to schools
  • 8 miles to hospitals
  • 3 miles to shopping

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6023 Eagle Creek Rd, Leavittsburg, Trumbull County, Ohio


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