Every horse owner loves their horses and wants only the best for them. Over the years, the equestrian industry has been developing to the point where now many horse owners aren’t shy about using the latest tech for their needs. Moreover, there are many devices created specifically for horses and their owners. Hence, here are the five pieces of genius wearable tech that you and your horse need.

#1 Estride

Estride is a brand that has produced several products you would be interested in. Particularly notable ones are:

  • Estride Steady G2 – A wearable hand-aid that helps in rider training. The device looks like an electronic wristwatch and measures your hand steadiness for each hand as you are riding your horse. When incorrect movement is detected, you will feel vibrations in real-time which will give you a signal to change your movements. Essentially, it is one of the best devices for anyone learning to use the reins correctly or improve their riding technique. Estride Steady G2 measures metrics that include twisted hands, bouncy hands, hand steadiness, and consistency.
  • Estride Harmony – A pressure-sensing mat that measures the pressure your saddle and body exert on the horse’s back. The device uses 900 pressure sensors and has a data-capturing frequency of 200 milliseconds which allows it to deliver the most accurate data analysis to the user. The mat is placed between the horse’s back and the saddle. You can then use the device in two modes. The real-time record mode lets you capture and see data in real-time while riding. The instant mode lets you view the pressure map on your mobile device but not while riding. Estride Harmony has features such as a multi-point automated saddle check, ride balance, and saddle fit.

#2 Nightwatch

As the name suggests, Nightwatch is a monitoring device that is marketed as “an equine distress and wellness monitor that might just save your horse’s life.” Also known as the Smart Halter, Nightwatch provides users with real-time monitoring, automated alerts, and objective insights. Essentially, this is how Nightwatch works:

  • You put the halter onto your horse.
  • The halter monitors metrics such as heart rate, respiration, activity, and EDI.
  • You get automated alerts by text, calls, or email.
  • If there are signs of distress, you will get notified.
  • You can also use your horse’s overnight activity data to plan daily training.

This is why Nightwatch even has features that let you monitor pregnant mares for possible complications and early signs of birth/parturition. Owners of high-risk horses will also be happy to hear that this device can be used to monitor sick, injured, or post-operative horses as well. Horses with chronic conditions also need monitoring that’s possible with Nightwatch.

#3 Horsepal

Horsepal has two devices that are linked to an app you can download on your mobile device to monitor details about your horse’s activity, download this data, and actively analyze it. Moreover, you can even consider Horsepal a kind of social media platform for horse owners! The two devices Horsepal offers are:

  • Horsepal Heart Rate Monitor – This device has a built-in LCD display that shows the heart rate of your horse. The read time is around 5-10 seconds which makes it one of the fastest and most accurate trackers of such kind. This device can be clipped onto the Horsepal Handle or the Electrode belt (both included with the system).
  • Horsepal Comfort and Training Sensor – This device is a sensor that monitors and stores different data, including Rug Temperature, Rug Humidity, Activity, and Sleep Patterns. All of these are available in Field Mode, but you can also use the Training Mode to see the Heart Rate metric. You can download the data to your app and then see advice on which type of rug to use for your horse as well as an analysis of how fit your horse is. Keep in mind that the Horsepal Comfort and Training Sensor will only be released in autumn this year.

#4 Equinity

Equinity is another device used as a tracker to monitor or measure your horse’s performance, fitness level, and overall well-being.  Equinity and other similar devices on this list are some of the best ones on the market. But what you ultimately choose depends on your personal preferences.

Equinity has GPS and heart rate devices that you are fitted to the girth sleeve to record data while your horse exercises. You can then download this data and view it from any kind of device for an accurate analysis of your horse’s performance. The device used to collect data is specifically made to be durable and robust, so you won’t have any issues with fast or unexpected movements that your horse may perform. Some of the things Equinity can track include:

  • Essential metrics like heart rate, recovery time, speed, stride length, etc.
  • Changes in fitness, speed, and condition over time
  • Effectiveness of exercises and further feedback on training
  • Completion levels and whether the required pace is being met
  • Comparisons of horses on larger yards

#5 Seaver

Last but not least, Seaver offers a number of technologies that are already loved by many horse owners and riders. Founded back in 2016, the brand has been providing its customers with some of the best devices on the market such as:

  • CEEFIT – Use it to monitor your horse’s health and adapt its training. This device can be clipped to your girth to analyze your horse’s jumps, speed, locomotion, and GPS data. You can then combine it with the CEEFIT Pulse and ECG heart rate belt.
  • CEECOACH – Use it to communicate with your coach easier. When training with a coach, it can be hard to understand your teacher. This is why you can use this device to communicate with your coach at a distance as big as 700 meters.

In addition to these two devices, Seaver also offers SAFEFIT, a comfortable technical airbag vest that will protect you in case anything happens during training. You can even choose its color to make it fit all your other gear.


To summarize, there are definitely many options to choose from when it comes to wearable tech for horses and their owners. Start with these five devices and see if there’s something you particularly love.


Written by Lafond Wanda

She is a professional content writer, copywriter, content strategist, and communications consultant. 

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