Before cars were introduced, people used horses to travel and all horse riders were taught how to care and ride horses. Currently, horse riding has become a popular kind of leisure. If you have never had a ride on a horse, you may think that the rider usually sits there and the horse does all the work, however, horse riding has more things you can get than you could imagine. There are countless benefits to horse riding which include enjoyment, physical and mental fitness.

In this post, we will present some of these benefits.

1. Horse riding is a perfect exercise

Horse riding is one of the perfect exercises similar to sports and can make your body stay healthy and fit. Having a perfect exercise is good for people of all ages and the importance of exercise is undoubted when it comes to the well-being of our bodies. Horse riding is perfect for people who enjoy exercising in an ordinary setting while observing the nature. The good thing about horse riding is that you can do it in whatever time you want, be it in the morning or evening and you will have the opportunity to enjoy nature as well as the ride.

It is no doubt that horse riding has no particular age limit so you can do it anytime, in fact, if you have never tried this enjoyable ride, you need to start it now. Maybe you may think that when horse riding, the horse does all the work while you are sitting but what the experienced horse riders know about it is different. The role of a rider is similar to that of a car’s driver and this makes it clear that the horse rider has an active role too.

2. Mental exercise

When beginning to ride a horse, you may have a feeling that learning to sit and steer the horse is a challenge but horse riding provides many mental benefits to our bodies. While horse riding, you learn about yourself as you experience time and also get a meditative effect since, at that moment, you are only concentrating on sitting and riding on that big animal. Horse riding provides an incredible exercise but the connection with the animal and the peace of mind it brings with every ride is unquestionable.

3. Horse riding improves your posture

For those who are horse riders, this is something obvious but if you have never, you better know. While horse riding, you must keep proper balance and this is imperative. There are exact poses that can make you keep balance as you ride you’re a horse. Your body posture improvement is important while you are in the saddle; however, you can improve your posture even when you do regular horse riding. Having a good posture is crucial for your wellbeing. People who ensure they have good posture regularly appreciate better health and this can be achieved by horse riding.

4. Horse riding enhances muscle tone and flexibility

Toning your muscles is another benefit of horse riding. During this period, many muscles of your body are used such as pelvic muscles, core muscles as well as your inner thighs. Your core muscles, inner thighs, and pelvic muscles experience the major workout as you position yourself. The flexibility of your muscles is also enhanced since they are majorly involved as you do the horse riding. Note that along with your pelvic muscles, inner thighs and core muscles, other muscles of your body parts including muscles of your arms and legs also take a bigger part in the horse riding activity. As a rider, you had to keep a squatting posture when riding, as you adjust to the cadence of the horse and this exercise is good for overall toning of muscles and flexibility.

5. Horse riding helps to burn calories

While it is true that while horse riding, the horse does a major work unlike sports like running, however, this activity is good when it comes to burning of calories. A study by the British Equestrian Federation shows that trotting for about half an hour can help you burn around 360 calories which helps to tone your stomach. Health consultants from online assignment help advice people to burn 300 calories per day to be able to manage body weight as this will help to obtain numerous health rewards.


The post has highlighted 5 benefits of horse riding that you probably were not aware of. These are just a few of the benefits as a professional horse rider will tell you many benefits. If you wanted to start horse riding but you are hesitant due to some reasons you are not sure of, the 5 above benefits should act as a motivation to start horse riding right now. Horse riding as a popular kind of leisure provides your body with great benefits.

Written by Hillary Hope


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